I "ignored" the #Wire contact request from \@WolfLightning, because I never got a response telling me who they are.

@lnxw48a1 Thinking of trying Wire for podcasting with guests afar. I need to convince my co-host to try it.

@sikkdays @lnxw48a1 for me voice quality is not very consistent unfortunately

@Gargron Hmm. I haven't used it much. A friend felt the quality was there. The one thing that intrigued me was that there seemed to be less latency than Skype. That always makes conversation difficult. I like Mumble, but getting non-technical guests through the install process is a pain.

@gargron @sikkdays So far, the only thing I've run into is bandwidth over #hotel_wifi causing some intermittent issues (video freezes for a bit, audio distortion), so it is good that you're telling us about it. Is there something you've found that works better for such purposes (other than Skype, which, from listening to other podcasts, is not worth the constant fiddling needed to make a call)?

@lnxw48a1 @Gargron Have you used Matrix or something built on Matrix like Riot? Is that better than Wire?

@sikkdays #Wire is my preferred way of videochatting with my grandson. They are an #Apple #iOS household and #Safari won't do #WebRTC yet.
I've used #Mumble for audio-only conversations to be used in podcasts. Every speaker can be recorded on an independent track, great for editing! And sound quality is pretty good. !podcasting

@bobjonkman yes! It works great for a normal crew, but when I'm trying to talk university professor guests and the like through the install process for a 20 min interview, it just isn't practical. 😔

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