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sikkdays 🎳

"I can't convince my friends to come to because it is too complicated to set up!"


"We need a decentralized federated replacement!"

2 different issues. We don't need something at the scale of Facebook. Mastodon and federation work because it is people coming together in instances that connect to other communities, think neighborhoods to cities to provinces. It took a long time to build these nations, give Masto time to create more shared interest instances.

@sikkdays WTF is complicated about creating an account and logging in? I've found that people simply hate change, regardless of how bad the current situation feels to them.

@sikkdays And anyway, it seems like a lot of the needs FB & Twitter fulfill are needs they created? So they're hard to replace because they create problems only they can solve.

Like, only FB has groups. Okay, but why did FB need them so badly? To make interpersonal privacy possible? To make topic sorting feasible? To make meeting new ppl a thing? To create retreats from the rest of the site? A hypothetical platform w/o these problems may not need this feature as urgently.