Oh hai!

Test toot from Tootle as I use my swank new install on my ancient macbook pro.

Hmm, cannot add alt text for image. That's a no-go, me thinks. Also, need to add a second or two before screencap.

Emotions are rising to the surface. The are working whether I want them too or not. An update on my blog. savethis.space/2018/morning-ma

We're back with more laughs and ethical debates about genes. That's right, we watched Bedtime for Bonzo on the latest episode of Film Frown. Nature vs. Nurture. Man vs. Chimp. Everyone against Yale.


Updated most of the pages of my experimental (as in me trying new things to me) blog. Peep my goodies at blogin.space

When you don't agree with your business partners how the next Bond film should play out, you go out and buy the rights to another series of spy books and get Dean Martin to star in the films. True story.

Here's another episode of our just for laughs bad movie Film Frown. filmfrown.com/2018/08/29/murde

We discuss Murderer's Row.

You know, just testing filters. While I may have done this in the past in jest, I don't use social networks this way. Peace. MuchπŸ’œ

Coco says, "Get off the computer and play with me!"

So $220 I didn't have, 20+ labor hours later, and the carpet glue from the former owners is gone IMO. If the condo association thinks differently, that's there problem. They can come and paint the floor so I can put my wooden Ikea tile down and enjoy summer before it is gone here in Canada.

It's day two of and @tashsultanaofficial is dishing out beats thru the haze of the wild fires.

The Decemberists are on stage singing we all die young.

What am I going to do with this mop. Hopefully my barber has an idea. That's why I am here.

Thought of my friend @zatnosk as I was walking around Heritage Festival.

You know that big data company that follows your every move to sell your habits, purchases, location, friends and family's info? Yeah, could you just use that account tho log in for free WiFi please? Thanks. So much for using my VPN.

New Film Frown Episode: Bond dies for doing yellow face in You Only Live Twice. Seriously, this was a terribly bad film with lots of trap doors. filmfrown.com/2018/07/26/you-o @arturovm joins us in this episode!

So is there a way to syndicate @pixelfed posts to your Mastodon identity yet? I mean it's really beautiful here and I want to share. Near San Marcos.

Some yeast made the water cloudy, but this time the Picklemeisterβ„’ came through. YUM!

It's been growing for so long but this isn't working for summer. Maybe it's time for a faux hawk or mohawk? What do I do with this stuff?

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