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Getting ready for tonight's live podcast, another day of bad movies on Film Frown. We're talking about Masters of the Universe at 6p PDT, 7 MTN, 8p CDT, 9p EDT over at

tomorrow night's Film Frown podcast is a review of Masters of the Universe from 1987. I have never been able to finish this movie. I haven't even been able to make myself watch it for the podcast yet. Give me strength, Mekanek.

Not a great evening. Ended it with some destroying a
Maybe I made it better.
I guess I'll try to sleep.

I took her to the off leash park this morning. A treat, since she's frightened of cars after being on a sidewalk 9 meters from a car accident a few days ago. Then it was belly rubs and she fell asleep. ๐Ÿ˜

I got those moobs like Elvis.
I got those moobs like Elvis.
I got those moobs like Elvis.

She's dealing with some uncertainty about the world around us and I can't seem to trust my own mind. We fell asleep because of emotional exhaustion. A loud noise outside woke us with fear.
Her- "am I safe?"
Me- "I can't take care of myself, how can I help her?"

We will do our best to go outside and face some fears, now that we are awake. Wish us luck.

We're talking about Bedtime for Bonzo, Reagan's best film on
Join in and listen or chat in the chatroom.

Tonight at 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT we're talking about Bedtime For Bonzo on the Film Frown podcast. It's Reagan performing more monkey business than when he was president.

It would be handy if my co-host and listeners had a schedule of our live about bad movies, right?

Got the wacom out and did some touch up on my dog's face graphic and made a quick and dirty wallpaper for my phone.