Hey, I am super glad you follow me because I love having conversations with you. You're amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: I've moved accounts. Find me at:
@sikkdays and follow me there so we can continue our friendship.

What did you do today? Oh, you know, instead of working on those things I want to do, I shamed myself in meme form. :blobugh:

Hey, you have walls, right? Instead of getting unremarkable, middling art from a big box store, Why not buy unremarkable, middling artwork from a friend? 😁

A local artist and friend, Thinkitem encouraged me to take some of my digital work and make prints. I got about 4 more in the works to adapt. The new Coco Pastel shirt is up too. Part of my lil' NoN Sequitur project.

Apparently today is the last day of a sale for 20% off and free "worldwide shipping."

Thanks for the feedback on my earlier design. I would have liked to get more, but someone finally hit on what was bothering me. The square graphic may be very , but it wasn't working for me. What do you think of this version?

Working on number 3. As I recently posted on my site, I believe I need to work through Morning Mantra Dos more. However, I want to get the next one up for anyone else doing them.

When you are probably going to use all your data up watching the webcam at doggie daycare. *She's at the back against the window, longing to be outside.

Playing around with t-shirt ideas. I'm such a dog daddy. Thoughts on Coco Pastel?

Welcome to non-sequitur. It doesn't have to make sense, it's an unbrand.

Another adventure in snail mail despite the postal strikes. A replacement sketchbook for myself via @Reyaughi online store. Looks amazing!

How's this sound as a "I'm leaving FB, but would love to stay in touch" message?


For my brother from another mother, @arturovm, this is Sugru. My 9 year old MacBook Pro is 10% . Bonus Pebble 2 Sugru buttons

Another adventure in snail mail. @pagrus sent me some Mastodon stickers and a few other dope surprises! :underheart: :owi: :breathe:

We have a rolling postal strike happening in Canada now. Thus, going to the mailbox is a surprise each day. Will there be anything?
Guess what? Today, I got this from @RAPIDPUNCHES@mastodon.artBonus

I want to work on in the latest for this month. New recording for those of you on the journey with me. Download the file or listen on my site.
Much 💜

Why is Castle Greyskull a place of the good guys? It looks terrifying He-Man. I mean Skeletor looks like the rightful owner.

We review *Masters of the Universe* on the Film Frown podcast: filmfrown.com/2018/10/25/maste

The patrons of our silly little podcast have access to last night's raw recording now. Text adventure, ho! patreon.com/posts/saucy-hallow

Oh hey, a little Halloween fun again this year on a special Montreal Sauce episode tomorrow night.

Listen at 9pm EDT or 7pm MTN via montrealsauce.com/live

Yesterday, I started playing with Conky and Tint2 on my @ArchLabsLinux install. So here's my

Background is a logo a friend made for an upcoming podcast production I'm working on. Tint2 bar on the bottom with my workspaces and some time, date, temp, RAM and other info via a conky widget I slapped together.

I've been working on a storefront for my art, funky fun ideas, and you know, stickers. Much more to come, but here's a sneak peak...
Also, buy 1 tee get 50% off another similar priced item. Use code TEETOBER.

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