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sikkdays 🎳

Some yeast made the water cloudy, but this time the Picklemeisterβ„’ came through. YUM!

It's been growing for so long but this isn't working for summer. Maybe it's time for a faux hawk or mohawk? What do I do with this stuff?

Damn. Something happened tho my ancient Linux partition on my far more ancient iMac. It boots into OSX. Really need to replace that thing with Pi. All it is doing is hosting my music on Subsonic, which also should be replaced since they changed their licensing.

I finished the video for my application and then I made a bloops video around the same length. I'll have to share later when I'm not swimming in a bucket of ice cream soothing my ego.

Wanted a story about assassins and it's not the Matrix. We're reviewing it live right now.

Tomorrow night Film Frown is live at 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT. We talk about the retelling of in the film Wanted.
You find out your anxiety is a super power.
Your bio-daddy is evil.
Rats are your friends.
You heal in a tank.
Same story more or less with cars instead of spaceships.

We can't help but notice you didn't use our serfdom, the App Store, to get this application. Are you sure you want to install this and deny us our pound of flesh?

I got her a bandana. She's ready to walk in with us today.

We be live! Talking about over at JOIN US!

This Thursday Film Frown is back live at 7pm MTN 9pm EDT. We're watching Fateful Findings, the Neil Breen opus. So, dispassionately throw your possessions on the floor and join us Thursday. Seriously, don't put any emotion into knocking things off the desk, like a cat.

This is latest piece that was added to my Instaspam account yesterday.

This was a very, very, very, bad movie, Mr. Sean Connery's brother.

Listen live, right now, to our review over at
Our guest tonight is @peakwinter

"Pull the levers." Another example of witty dialogue from tonight's Film Frown live episode. We're reviewing Neil Connery's Operation Kid Brother. 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT.

We're live and looking fly over at
Join us in the chatroom or just to listen. We're chatting about the film For Y'ur Height Only.

Getting ready for tonight's episode discussing For Y'ur Height Only starring Weng Weng.
Listen live if you wish at at 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT or 1:00 am UTC if I did that right.

Tomorrow night's live podcast episode features a little swordplay. at 7pm MNT, 9pm EDT.