@ink_slinger I got my cutting board from Knifewear. I don't do any butchering with it, but they sell a nice beeswax to protect the board.

Oh hai!

Test toot from Tootle as I use my swank new install on my ancient macbook pro.

Hmm, cannot add alt text for image. That's a no-go, me thinks. Also, need to add a second or two before screencap.

Emotions are rising to the surface. The are working whether I want them too or not. An update on my blog. savethis.space/2018/morning-ma

@rickward Yes, I was being sarcastic and groaning a bit. Yet, I imagine the change has largely been driven by marketing. Drop the "www" to make it easier for spots, posters, etc.

Now that the web is an everyday thing, we rarely refer to it as the internet. "Find us at blahblahblah dot com.

I don't know how CloudFlare works technically, but it will be interesting to see which side of profit they fall on. Are they the cable companies throttling Netflix for their share of $$ or Netflix?

Language changes over time.
Example: World Wide Web was used in the 90s, sometimes shortened to "the web." Nobody uses that term now.

Currently, people favor "the internet."

In the near future, it will be known as CloudFlare.

@kai You gave up on testing ubuntu studio, didn't you?

Wow. So I spent 2 days trying to do a simple clean install of MacOS and I'm into hour 6 of trying to get a distro of Linux onto the Macbook.

I hate Apple.

Crossing my fingers that a netinstall works.

I suppose on the plus side, if I don't like the distro, eventually I'll have figured out how to install another.

@kai What's bsd? Better Slow Down? I'm not hip to these cult of Mac terms. πŸ˜…

@kai Alright, I'm coming over there with some ridiculous home renovations show and we're making you a proper office, kitchen, bedroom, and audio studio in that house. ❀️❀️

Finally hacked my way through a couple of awkward source files to get the OS version I wanted. Test install on laptop I hope to sell first. Then, mine with ReFind and finally Linux.

@kai As you may have guessed while watching people with iPhones on social networks, Apple is real keen on selling new hardware. So, the tech specs say my laptop can handle the latest OS. However, I imagine it is hella slow, sluggish, and annoying. So I want to stick with an older version. I've been running 10.10 for ages. After some research, I see others on my hardware using 10.11. (Apple did major security updates for several older versions for spectre and meltdown.)

All I want is an older version of OS X, but Apple doesn't allow me to download it. So I have tho try some non-legit sources and waste a lot of time. Really, really, really annoying.

@lnxw48a1 My tablet has been sitting dormant for over a year, maybe even 2.

Mine is a Nexus 10. Sometimes I think if I had got the 7, it might be usable still. However, memory leaks or some annoying hardware issue with WiFi connectivity makes the thing infuriating to use. I've been playing with the idea of putting Phoenix OS on it for giggles. Maybe I would rather use it over a 17" laptop.

@eloisa Please add me to Art, Cycling, Design, Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Movies, Podcasts, Privacy, Writing.

Wow there's no real happy disk format for use with MacOS and Linux? Huh.

Well, that's fine. I need to learn and use Linux more.

Alright. I have to do a fresh install on this very old MacBook. I'm going to try and dual boot to Linux and really just use the Linux partition. Now, I have 2 drives in this laptop. I suppose I should reformat that non-boot drive to something that OS X and Linux will like. Which is?

I've done this in the past, but I need a refresher. I suppose I should research.

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