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@TheGibson I'm wondering if a camera and a tripod might be a better start. Learning stop motion animation is often a good way in. If you get a tripod where you can point the camera directly down, she can use cutout construction paper like South Park started. Or she can draw on tracing paper to animate movement more precisely. Doing frame by frame this old school way those pics can be taken into the computer and improved upon. So many digital tools are built on this history.

Getting ready for tonight's live podcast, another day of bad movies on Film Frown. We're talking about Masters of the Universe at 6p PDT, 7 MTN, 8p CDT, 9p EDT over at

Speaking of Android and @fdroidorg, what are people running these days on their mobile devices?
There were some interesting ROMs and mods focused on stripping Google/App data collection pre-Google Play services.
What are people doing now? Just running without Google services? And, is that enough?

@seanl Then write up your process in a general way for those of us without your intelligence. ๐Ÿ˜‡

@seanl Oooh. Thanks for this website. Looks like they have some interesting apps. I do find it interesting that they are Android only. I remember when Signal announced a desktop client that was built in Chrome. Shouldn't you practice what you preach?

@sireebob Good point, I end up adding a lot of other information to my current pass manager as well.

That master password comment is a real issue that I have seen now in a few reviews as I look further. So, am I going to open hundreds of tabs, log into everything and then change the master password? Yeah, that seems a bit crazy.

@seanl Sure some sites want numbers, some don't. Character length, and other requirements are always a problem no matter the password generator. Typically I click a few boxes in my current app and generate a different one.

So is anyone using LessPass?

Just curious. I suppose I should just search for reviews, but if you've found your way to Masto, that adds some credibility to your review. ๐Ÿ˜

@kevinmarks Great link!

I wonder if anyone is tracking features the big companies once had and are now dead. For example, before Twitter's current API there were tons of apps and things we could do. FB killed their email, and Google used to make open source apps for Android.

Tired: The Island of Misfit Toys.

Wired: The Island of Missing APIs and Features that services like Facebook, Twitter and Google once had.

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tomorrow night's Film Frown podcast is a review of Masters of the Universe from 1987. I have never been able to finish this movie. I haven't even been able to make myself watch it for the podcast yet. Give me strength, Mekanek.

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@inmysocks I have this issue quite a lot with Dreamhost when I'm on VPN.

Dear Google, you didn't have to create self-destructing emails. You could have just told people they had to log into G+ to read them. Problem solved. Nobody will see the emails.

@arturovm Understood. If you want to get technical did you make the photo or did the mirrors aperture and lens? Let it go. You're a beautiful creator no matter the tool you use, pencil, algorithm, or hand.

@peakwinter So, what he's saying, @arturovm, is that we need a person in the world developing machine learning and A.I. like Simone Giertz.

@arturovm Nice reminder in your toot. Sometimes the image you want is found in the photo frame. In printing or editing, a simple crop can make something amazing.

@deadsuperhero Yeah, that only had potential if it was revealed that Joey was a kangaroo the whole time on Friends.