@dgold It's weird right? As an American, I even think it's weird that everything from the 50s is xmas cannon and nothing else. And, no I haven't heard of those songs. Though, I've moved to Canada to correct some of these things.

(also moved to my own instance and sent you a follow request from it, @sikkdays )

@letthewatersroar Always enjoyed your positive words of encouragement. I just wanted to let you know that I've moved to @sikkdays 🙏

@afarian I just used vim for the first time the other day. It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

BTW, I'm leaving .social and moving to my own instance. If you're still interested in following me try @sikkdays Thanks. 🙏

@ekaitz_zarraga I'm just reaching out to followers that I really enjoy chatting with to let them know that I've moved to my own instance, @sikkdays

Keep on, keeping on! 🙏

@HerraBRE I moved to @sikkdays if you're still interested in following me, awesome! Find me there. I always enjoy our conversations.

Are things getting challenging today?

You got this! Do your best, but remember self-care.

By the way, I really enjoy chatting with you! So remember I moved accounts. Please follow @sikkdays


@sean I request Rainy Day Women by Bob Dylan, and you have to sing like him.

@jjg I'm debating switching to Hugo. I really like how @dgold has webmention wired into his site. Actually, I like the general design of his site all together.

By the way, I enjoy chatting with you and wanted to let you know I'm moving to my own instance. You can follow me at @sikkdays

Hey, I am super glad you follow me because I love having conversations with you. You're amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: I've moved accounts. Find me at:
@sikkdays and follow me there so we can continue our friendship.

Sister's partner builds his own drones, CNC like machine and programs his own fireworks display each year. Should I get him a RPi or Adruino for xmas as raw materials for creating? Or something else?

Ideas? I got him a RPi before so...

@jalcine I had it nailed and locked in for a long time. All it takes is one moment to crumble.

@jalcine Congrats. I've had a real backslide and I need to get back on track. I want to feel like you do in these pictures, again.

-Password manager fixed.
-HTTPS secure transport error fixed.
-Upgraded to latest version, fixed database errors.
-fixed a php error after upgrade as well.
Hopefully @nextcloud will play nice now.

@wilbr You bring up a question that I know isn't easy to answer, but I always wonder at how much a VPS can do. I mean it's all up to the VPS and the software I choose, but if I wanted to run Funkwhale and Pixelfed, I'd probably need 2 different VPS? These are the things that confuse me. Can I run more than 1 thing on a VPS? I just wish there was an easy answer. Guess I should play on an old machine at home and test.

Can't sleep. Doing some maintenance on my @nextcloud

Sadly, my password app is no longer working after an upgrade.

@thraeryn Yeah, I realize this will be something I will have to familiarize myself with quickly. I hope, for the time being, to only add a few friends to my own instance. Whether or not I decide to open it up to more depends on my wallet.

Somewhat sad about leaving dot social. However, I've spent a lot of energy writing about how amazing this software is and why it is important. It's time I put my money where my mouth is, as they say.

I'm loading the wagons up with the help of @hugo and his @mastohost and off to burn myself out as an admin. Yay?

@RussSharek Yeah, I was thinking it as parody. I mean as you said, you want to reassure people they're not yelling into the void. Yet, technology is so distracting we make tools like those fictional buttons instead of taking the time to communicate.

@RussSharek I now like the idea of a many buttoned response interface:
Go On
You Go Friend
I Feel You
Great reference
I'm Laughing On The Inside
I Won't Tell But You Did Just Post This On The Internet
Sorry To Hear That

and finally a button you can only push once a day-- You're My Person of The Day Because of This Toot.

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