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sikkdays 🎳

@chosafine The electron bot on Mastodon social was going to respond to your toot, but its server had an out of memory error.

@cypnk err, you have to feed the fire. That's it. It's like one of those biz or retail management games, but it never gets harder. *Add log*

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Vera's Burger Shack in has a slogan of "We don't have that." I heard this about 9 times as I did and read their menu.

Off to Guatemala for 9 days. See you in August I hope, friends.

@thrrgilag right?
I started using which is like Delicious, but I'd much rather just have a nice bookmark manager in Firefox that uses tagging.

@deadsuperhero There's so much to unpack here. This is like micro fiction. I love this toot.

Also, sorry if you're second guessing yourself. You do you brother. That's the reason why I respect you, friend.

@jalcine All we can do is live by example. Let's show those around us a better way. Things aren't great at times, but you are, friend.🌟

Lol boost this toot if you don't know how to handle attention.

how come the people that used to spell microsoft "micro$oft" dont spell google "gπŸ‘€gle" like cmon it's perfect and just as obnoxious

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@wakest /me slides open a tab to check if is available for a new instance. Haha.

@wakest I've never thought of that before. Hmm. You'd think servers with a specific topic may have more interaction. Of course, so many people have been trained on birbsite and BookFace. In those cases, we've learned reactions are often for shouting "you're wrong." πŸ˜₯

Despite wanting the world to have more compassion, I think I need to start with myself. I would like myself more if I stood up for what I believe in. It's time to for me and stop bending over backwards for others.

@Gargron What's an unused toot? I mean this sounds serious. I feel terrible when I am full of unused toots.

Shit. I've officially moved into dad joke territory. Getting old sucks. :blobpats:

Now that the Canadian government owns the oil pipeline, how long before Canada's military budget gets a big investment to protect the oil.

@kai First coding project for me, hot guys bot for @pixelfed. πŸ˜† Just for you.

Looking at @usercount graph on toots per hour made me think. I'm surprised bookface and birbsite don't have that metric on people's profiles or somewhere prevalent. Seems like a not-so subtle way to keep people on their sites-- must get my average up! Must be higher than friends!