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Book series pitch--

To date it is only 6 volumes containing every story or article idea that I scribbled notes down about, but remain unwritten.

Actually, nevermind.

I'll just add this idea to the pole and forget about it as well. Much easier.

Changing my last name to blockchain. I'm sure to have my pick of jobs that way.

Hello, I'm Cryptopher Blockchain.

She's dealing with some uncertainty about the world around us and I can't seem to trust my own mind. We fell asleep because of emotional exhaustion. A loud noise outside woke us with fear.
Her- "am I safe?"
Me- "I can't take care of myself, how can I help her?"

We will do our best to go outside and face some fears, now that we are awake. Wish us luck.

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So on Saturday evening a car crashed into a pole 9 meters away from myself and our . She's been suffering ever since. Afraid to go outside, paranoid of all sounds. Poor girl. I feel bad.

It took a while to come out of her shell, but she did after a month. So, hopefully she can get past this.

Who in my feed was asking for an open source Goodreads? That last retoot might be it! never ceases to amaze.

@ducatdusk @MRensema @neil I recommend #inventaire to you all: An open source, actively developed book-sharing platform.

Quotes, reviews and comments are somewhere in the pipeline (is that right @maxlath ?) and you help contribute to open data if you record new info :)

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Hey of the fediverse!

I finally made the always-up-to-date release of .

I still need to keep updating it but any new change will be reflected there.

cc @Curator

I've never used birbsite to follow celebs. That's why I love because we're here to have conversations, not interact with "social marketing experts," publicists, or other agents.

We're talking about Bedtime for Bonzo, Reagan's best film on
Join in and listen or chat in the chatroom.

Tonight at 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT we're talking about Bedtime For Bonzo on the Film Frown podcast. It's Reagan performing more monkey business than when he was president.

Hey, I'm writing an article about the #fediverse; could people respond to this toot with their opinions?

Hoping to feature the conversation thread in the article. Basically I just want to know what the fediverse means to different people, and what the overall community seems like.

📣 PSA 📣

❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

If you know any #photo #photography or #photographer types on please direct them our way.

Their admin just announced the service will shut down 2018/04/30 and we'd like to help their users find a good home.

Please boost this.

@Cat "The securityuploadd daemon collects information ... from the local system, and uploads them to Apple's Splunk servers.... These can include system log entries, any documents you have created, web pages you have visited, and audio and video captured by your ... camera and ... microphone. Apple only uploads this information to its servers when it reasonably believes that it's in the best interests of the Apple community".

Said with a straight face! As if this was totally okay! 😱

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