Today I discovered that people play RPGs online! By video! I had no idea such a thing even existed. Of course I seem to have discovered this just as some massive scandal has erupted around the roll20 site, so it's hard to get a sense of what's good and who I might play with. (Also, I'm a serious beginner, since the last time I played was in about 1990, which means I'd need a group who were OK with that, and don't play in US evenings. Which is hard to find.)

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@sil eh? I don't understand what you've discovered. Examples?

@popey what they call "virtual tabletops"; people play D&D et al over video, and the site handles the video/audio, and provides a shared screen and a load of helpful tools to roll dice and so on. I've seen people streaming live RPG sessions, but I didn't know sites existed to make this happen... and on which thousands of people are playing regular games and asking for new players and so on. Everyone else in the world probably knew about this already, ofc! See or

@sil Huh. I have seen Sam play TableTop Simulator - mostly playing with people he chats to on discord. Didn't know there were separate platforms for this. News to me, but I've never played an RPG in my life.

@popey News to me too. I haven't for quarter of a century, but I quite fancy getting back into it :)

Wait wait wait. You mean *pen and paper* RPGs over videoconference?

@rick_777 yup. I didn't know about it either. It's really popular! A good idea, too; it's hard to get a game for some people. And a lot of the heavy lifting -- dice rolls, character sheets, etc -- is provided by the software, as well as commercially available modules so you get all the feelies and maps and stuff.

@x1101 I know. I'm amazed I was totally unaware of this stuff.

@sil Can we expert a review of D&D 3.5 to be forthcoming?

@x1101 to be honest, looking into it, I think I'd prefer FATE. Or D&D5 if I must. But finding a group to play with, who are ok with my ancient beginner nature, is more important than precisely what's being played.

@sil I quite like 5e. Drama aside, roll20 is technically a solid platform. I've no experience finding games though

@MattWilcox I'll take a look; I've watched some of the AcqInc videos and seen Perkins as DM and Holly Conrad there.

@sil Dice Camera Action is very good; more serious than Acq Inc, and those early vids have low production values - but the characters, story, and drama are all so good :) Assuming the style is to your taste anyway.

@sil PS: Roll20 is a bit of a PITA, but good. My group use it, but I personally don't as I'm stuck on my iPad... it's possible to just use Discord for audio, and some good old real dice and paper :D Roll20 good for finding groups though.

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