@ted yo, Ted! Inkscape question :) Is there some way to get it to apply transforms on a parent element to the children? So <g transform="matrix(...)"><rect /></g> becomes <g><rect/></g> with the content of the transform changing the rect/circle/path's cx/cy/r/x/y/d attrs? (I'm OK with not minding that you can't skew a rectangle, etc.)

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@ted oo! I had that and it didn't work, but it's been updated! Now trying it, but signs look good; nice one :)

@sil just to be curious, why are you headed down this path? Compressing the SVG?

@ted trying to apply CSS transformations to elements within it when it's embedded in HTML, which is close to impossible if there are transforms affecting it higher up the DOM...

@sil ah, makes sense.

Depending on what you want if you just ungroup in Inkscape it will put the transform attribute on all the children. You don't need the extension for that.

@ted I have seen people say this :) However, sometimes the group is the layer, which also has a transform attribute, and then maaaybe it gets fixed if I move everything to a newly created layer first, but... I just want to say, just don't have any transforms please :) The extension does seem to do that! (It stomps on filters, but reapplying them isn't hard.)

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