Anyone know how to make the notification area in Gnome Shell not be mindblowingly worthless? In particular, how I get at a notification's actions once it's in the area rather than in its own little popup, and how I can see the full text of a notification without clicking on it, which removes it and invokes it?

("Change to a different operating system" is in no way an acceptable answer here, just so you know :-))

@sil how about change to a different desktop. It's certainly not a cinnamon or KDE problem

@sil let me know if you find out how to access a notifications actions once it's retreated to the tray. I think the answer may be "find the bug on bugzilla and whine." Without this it is impossible to see the progress of an automatic Déjà Dup backup, for instance.

@wjt I do not know. It's driving me crazy for KDE connect notifications of smses.

@wjt we don't want you to have a whole chat client embedded in a notification! So... all actions are now impossible to use, whatever they are, as soon as a notification goes into the tray! Sucks to not have snake-like fast reactions, I guess.

@sil I mean … the ticket is still open, it seems a legit complaint. Either support actions or don't, but half-day just seems cruel.

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