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Stuart Langridge @sil

For the first time in history, the UK had a point in which none of the electricity generated came from coal. None of it. It's a small step for the national grid, but potentially a giant leap for mankind. Credit to Mark W Tebbutt‏ on Twitter for alerting me to it.

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@sil Interesting! Looking at the data from gridwatch it was about 8:30-16:20 yesterday - so I guess Solar helped, it wasn't a particularly windy day and it wasn't a warm day either.

@penguin42 ya, 'twas who tweeted it so I saw it

@sil Ach, but once we're out from under the heel of the EU, we can rejoice in Scargill's coal powered future. face/palm

@snwh "Embedded wind is turbines and wind farms which are not connected directly to the grid but to the local network", apparently, according to who do the graph.

@sil HinkleyPointC already online and paid for? 🤐 😜