Across from the window of my flat there is this big ugly wall. It would be nice if it were pretty. Say, by having some kind of excellent massive mural painted on it. I haven't looked into this at all, but: what's involved in getting a big mural there? (Other than "permission from the owner", obvs). Are there rules about this sort of thing? Or can you just paint what you like on walls? Who out there might pay for this? Community arts projects?

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@sil I don't know anything about rules, but in Copenhagen we are building a metro which means many construction sites all over the city all of them with big fence-walls around. Many of the city districts has hired my artist collegues to paint them with their art. But the most beautiful and vivid and alive fence is the one in my Neighbourhood Nørrebro where they just made it free for all to paint.

Greatest graffiti hole piece place in Copenhagen right now.

@Katharsisdrill that sounds good! I wonder if there's something like that here.

@sil I don't know where you live, but most places if you give it free - people will come and paint :)

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