Stuart Langridge

where does one get Ubuntu news from, these days?

@sil OMG Ubuntu is still pretty reliable. I used to watch over Planet Ubuntu, but actual news of application and product updates have gotten pretty sparse over the last year or so.

@deadsuperhero @sil OMG here as well. Let me know if you find anything else. Not that I dislike OMG.

@mcg @deadsuperhero There certainly seem to be lots of apps being built, which is what I'm primarily interested in reading news about -- I'm not expecting the operating system to change on a daily basis, it's an operating system :) Besides, 18.04 will be a pretty big shift for me from my 16.04.

@tazdij news about things on Ubuntu. Doesn't have to be news about changes to Ubuntu itself, which isn't supposed to do newsworthy things; it's an OS.

I fail to see how that would be Ubuntu specific, but general news about things on Linux instead. Maybe I am entirely missing the questions intent.

@tazdij it could be Linux-general, but Linux-general news tends to involve too much stuff which doesn't fit in properly with my Ubuntu desktop, so I suppose what I'm really looking for is "Linux app news, with an Ubuntu slant" :)

@tazdij and Linux-general news tends to also include stuff about, I dunno, new kernel releases and whatnot, which I utterly do not care about :)

Ah, ok. I got it now. Actually I have not been able to find a good source for ant Ubuntu App Center news or any other Linux based App Center/Store news. It would be nice to see what is coming out or being fixed and updated.

@tazdij that's exactly what was hoping existed, yeah :)

@lopta yeah, but they're not particularly comprehensive (and not trying to be), so there's not enough of it.

@sil I don't get to use Ubuntu anyway, so for me it's about right.

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