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Stuart Langridge @sil

The tbh app basically has you add your friends and then asks you questions like: who's really good at being a friend? You choose someone, and it tells them someone said it about them, but not who did. Anonymous compliments. One of the few apps I know which actually tries to create a positive vibe. It has a network problem, though; most people aren't on it. I wonder if a similar thing could work where your friends are those you follow and are followed by on Mastodon? Could be lovely.

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@sil In theory perhaps.... but what happens if you never get a compliment from the app?

@shellkr then you'll never get a notification and you'll forget about it, most likely :) I think most people's pool of mutual followers on Mastodon is likely too small for it to be effective, though...

@sil Yeah, perhaps... I am just cautious. The intent with it is really good. :)

@sil You can also do something with your friends. Something like... I don't know... go to the movies, restaurant, play tabletop game etc.

Why would anyone want to install an "app" to receive anonymous compliments from friends?o0

@Tom4hawk Well, a number of reasons, in my opinion:
1. most friends don't actually compliment one another in detail very much because it's a bit embarrassing
2. if you think someone's great at something, you may not feel close enough to them to tell them that without it feeling creepy, even if you are acquainted
3. being complimented is nice. It's a good pick-me-up for someone to hear nice things about themselves without having to worry about ulterior motives