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Stuart Langridge

Ported canute to Qt/QML, so I can make it look pretty. Quite pleased. Now I can launch stuff again.

Across from the window of my flat there is this big ugly wall. It would be nice if it were pretty. Say, by having some kind of excellent massive mural painted on it. I haven't looked into this at all, but: what's involved in getting a big mural there? (Other than "permission from the owner", obvs). Are there rules about this sort of thing? Or can you just paint what you like on walls? Who out there might pay for this? Community arts projects?

Aha, Libreoffice Draw lets one put callouts on an image, so at least there's *something* for Ubuntu which can do it. Pretty clunky, though; I wish there were another app that could do this that was nicer to use. (And defining new callouts for Libreoffice Draw to add to its anaemic collection seems to be very hard and un(der)documented.) Small project for someone, perhaps me.

For the first time in history, the UK had a point in which none of the electricity generated came from coal. None of it. It's a small step for the national grid, but potentially a giant leap for mankind. Credit to Mark W Tebbutt‏ on Twitter for alerting me to it.