@wjt striking a mighty blow for correct usage! I'm Stuart Langridge and I approve this message.

@nolan fair. Certainly the ones I personally really dislike are not actually scrollbars at all but a from-scratch implementation which only does half the stuff a scrollbar should, rather than a retheme of the actual proper scrollbar with some CSS. It's just that the two posts crossed my timeline at roughly the same time and I thought the synchronicity was interesting :)

@nolan I don't particularly endorse all the views in this Twitter thread (twitter.com/xkeepah/status/106), and I certainly don't endorse the tone of it, but custom scrollbars in general are pretty annoying in my experience anyway, without doing extra browser-sniffing work on them...

@philnash hrm. I hadn't heard of dev.to. So I went to have a look, and it seems kinda like a place for people to add interesting posts and pointers to things? Sorta like reddit, or lobste.rs, etc. There's an About link in the footer. But there's also infinite scroll. So I can't click on the about link because when I scroll down to it, the footer leaps away again. So if you're looking for a second contribution to make, that might be one 🙂

@gamingonlinux aha, that works, nice! (might be worth dropping a note ont he post about that.)

@gamingonlinux the demo doesn't seem to? I run it and it launches direct into the game, fullscreen?

Living life to the maximum, thanks to everybody who sent their congrats to me for being entered into the #ib100 cubicgarden.com/2018/11/17/liv

@Denderix @measlytwerp Yeah, Ubuntu Podcast (ubuntupodcast.org/) is cool and I'm a fan :-) Bad Voltage is at badvoltage.org for your listening pleasure...

Massively annoyed at apps that go "beep" so I know _something_ is alerting me, but I have no idea what it is or what the alert was for. Use the damn system notification system!

@ted @federicomena yeah. It'd be good to see more upstreams publishing a snap rather than a tar.gz file with a readme, or just telling people to clone github master. It's good that the teams at flatpak and snappy are sending patches upstream to help people do that; hopefully eventually it'll become normalised (and so users will start saying "where's your snap" rather than "oh you've got a snap/flatpak/etc").

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@cathal I have just discovered that Pinafore (which I like, 'cos PWA) handles multiple instances (hooray nice one @nolan!) although not simultaneously (you've gotta explicitly "switch" between them), so I'm good for now :-)

Well, now I have two accounts. So I'm likely to be talking about roleplaying stuff more as tabletop.social/@sil, I imagine, unless I get really annoyed with this two-accounts thing and abandon that.

I am not, it seems, the first person to ask this. Or even the ten-thousandth person to ask it, looking at the github issues list. And it looks like there isn't really a good solution. Some instances show their local timeline on their /about page (tabletop.social doesn't; I don't know whether that's admin choice or not); you can't follow a whole timeline from another instance (many bugs requesting this have been closed). The answer is: have two accounts. I am sad about this answer, but OK, fine.

@ted yeah. I really don't want multiple accounts unless I have to -- for utterly-completely-single-purpose-only instances then fine, maaaaybe, but I don't pigeonhole the stuff I write in that way, and don't really want to either. The app that lets me look at other timelines would be great, except I don't think it exists :)

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