@alastc there's not an explicit pull *against* accessibility from the business, I think. I certainly agree there are a lot of similarities! But businesses deliberately do stuff to violate privacy because that's good for them (and bad for us). I'm not sure most businesses *benefit* from skipping a11y in any way (other than "they can do less work by leaving it out", which applies to everything you leave out).

@oranje@cybre.space @sil I'll add it to my list to listen to! Can you precis it? (I don't think Schneier's put anything on his blog summarising his opinion? But maybe I missed it.)

(also, mastodon.social for tech chat. tabletop.social for D&D :)

@nolan @ppk Also, IE was at least partially unassailable because Windows was; to a first approximation, every computer that everyone used already had a browser on it, and that was IE. So someone had to be invested enough in the web ecosystem to know that alternatives existed and bother to use them. Now... people are that invested; awareness of other browsers is higher now than it was then. (It might be "awareness of Chrome", certainly. And it's still not good. But for different reasons.)

@ted I have seen people say this :) However, sometimes the group is the layer, which also has a transform attribute, and then maaaybe it gets fixed if I move everything to a newly created layer first, but... I just want to say, just don't have any transforms please :) The extension does seem to do that! (It stomps on filters, but reapplying them isn't hard.)

@ted trying to apply CSS transformations to elements within it when it's embedded in HTML, which is close to impossible if there are transforms affecting it higher up the DOM...

@ted oo! I had that and it didn't work, but it's been updated! Now trying it, but signs look good; nice one :)

@ted yo, Ted! Inkscape question :) Is there some way to get it to apply transforms on a parent element to the children? So <g transform="matrix(...)"><rect /></g> becomes <g><rect/></g> with the content of the transform changing the rect/circle/path's cx/cy/r/x/y/d attrs? (I'm OK with not minding that you can't skew a rectangle, etc.)

@snowyfox@toot.cafe @nolan that's fair; it could actually be quite interesting for someone with a technical bent who likes getting out and meeting people, too. And the support contract has the chance of ongoing money, too. So, a possibility!

@nolan oh, you'll spend an hour in the person's house, sure. But unless you only fit for people on your street, you've gotta assume travel time, breaks for lunch, etc... I can't imagine being able to do more than, say, three a day. (Would be useful to talk to an actual cable installer to see how many they can do in a working day.) What price people are prepared to pay for their privacy is the key question, of course, but "should you pay $100" and "WILL you pay $100" are very different. :)

@nolan mm... I'm not sure there's a market gap at a price that's viable. I mean, if you go to someone's house to do this, that's a half day of work, I'd say. So if your day rate is, for example, $500... would the people who would benefit from this service be prepared to spend $250 on it? I don't think they would. And if you're doing it for $40 then you're earning $1600 a month, which isn't fantastic money.

Well, that's interesting.
Alexa, what's your favourite operating system?
"My favourite would be Ubuntu."

Some people seem to get told it likes Windows, though :-)

hm, there doesn't seem to be a way that I can send a message of some kind to a Python Gtk app if all I know is that it's the foreground window. _NET_WM_PID isn't reliable; gdk_window_add_filter() isn't in GI (and ::xevent is Gtk 4) so I can't send an X ClientMessage.

The Journey Down Trilogy is a charming, expansive, inventive and warm adventure game which I’d thoroughly recommend.


@neil fab, innit? Although we haven't played ep 3 yet; that's this weekend :)

@nolan ikr. They did the same for me, as did Apple; I eventually said, ok, tired of this, pull the apps, see if I care :)

@nolan yeah. See also iOS, except users never experience this problem because an app is just flat kicked out of the store if it hasn't been reuploaded enough, even if nothing changes; "jump through this pointless hoop of busywork or we'll remove you" seems to be a common way that mobile platforms require you to repeatedly demonstrate your loyalty.

Python, XML 

@wjt choices, choices! Me personally, I use sax when the documents I'm parsing are too big to fit in memory and at literally no other time :-)

If you tell the Code Police I suggested this then I'll have you killed, but... if you definitely definitely want to keep it exactly the same, and you always want to add the new thing in the same place.... then inputxml.replace("</endtag>", "<new>newdata</new>\n</endtag>") ?

Python, XML 

@wjt awh, so it does. I didn't know that. It's hotpatchable, but that's really annoying. :(

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