@scottjenson I think it isn't settled because which wins depends on what your definition of winning is. If you want to make millions of dollars and control things, be closed; if you want to make something that enables everyone but nobody makes money at and so has to survive on corporate charity, be open. Both of those are victories, but they're different types of victories.

@scottjenson They're in the right order on cubeescape.com/ except that Roots (one of the paid for games) should be played before The Cave. (But that's eighth; if you get that far into it, you'll be intrigued and happy to spend the $3 or whatever it is.) All the games are pretty similar, so if you don't like the vibe after a couple of them, it won't change later :)

@scottjenson they've been doing this a while :) And there are three other longer (and paid for, but very very cheap) games too. There is lots of Rusty Lake to discover...

@nolan Pinafore bug report. While replying to a toot, either hide the new toot button, or (better) make it be a "send this reply" button. I've wrongly hit it loads of times :(

Have just finished both chapters of Cube Escape: Paradox. If you haven't played the other Cube Escape games (which are free) the storyline won't make a lot of sense to you, but the puzzles are still fun. Give them a try. Best surreal room escape Flash games I know. cubeescape.com

@federicomena the hash in the filename has to be escaped in a URL, exactly because a hash means "begin the fragment identifier here" -- that's how one tells the difference

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Exciting to hear @matthancock@twitter.com’s vision for the most advanced health and social care system in the world

We need
• All our systems able to talk to each other (mandated open standards & APIs)
• Flexibility to meet local user needs
• Not another NPfIT


wrote this up in a stack exchange answer so hopefully future people will discover it: unix.stackexchange.com/a/46675

Grr, systemd-resolved and dnsmasq are having a war to use all my CPU. Most of the SO answers (unix.stackexchange.com/questio) are "disable systemd-resolved! manage DNS yourself!" which I don't want to do; I didn't install dnsmasq because I care about running my own DNS server, lxd installed it and so I can't remove it. But this seems to be a lxd problem, and there's a lxd solution! This seems to work: lists.linuxcontainers.org/pipe

@matthew @mala that's exactly what the Compose key does :) é is Compose, ', e (and è is Compose, `, e). kryogenix.org/days/2013/10/17/ has more detail.

@mala Yup! You can practice at kryogenix.org/random/compose/ too. The thing I like most about Compose is that it's not arbitrary; I can often guess what the sequence would be for a character I've not explicitly remembered, like, say, ⑩

@si same reason government systems and enterprise internal systems are always terrible; there's no motive for those providing to make it better, because they have a captive market, and people who know how to make it better won't work for them because they won't put up with the BS (and don't know how to get that kind of client). You won't switch schools over this; your boy won't switch over the VLE's UX; so you have to put up with it.

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@cubicgarden I stopped in an airbnb flat in Manchester before last Christmas, and I heard it suggested then that a whole bit of the city centre is hollowed out now because it's nothing but posh empty airbnb flats. Is that true? You'd know about the city, I imagine.

Excellent piece from Ethan Marcotte about accessibility on the web. Accessibility is not a problem that a framework can solve for you; it's like the quality of the writing in your copy, not like automatically compressing your images. Expecting software to do the accessibility work for you is like expecting the MS Word grammar checker to make you Jane Austen, and it won't. It's a craft, not a build step.


@sergiusens @manik yeah, it's a carrier thing. I spoke to Three, my operator, and they only let Android do it if you bought the phone from them themselves. So I have to use their terrible terrible Three In-Touch app instead :(

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