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Stuart Langridge

@sil wrote a nice piece talking about collecting machine data in Ubuntu:

I have a very simple take from the perspective of previously helping make releases of Xubuntu. Without knowing who the users are yet getting machine date will allow targeting resources to the most common platforms and usage scenarios. We don't know what is "average" for an Ubuntu user in terms of hardware. Greater privacy is nice but developers need to know what they're building for.

@cubicgarden I was crushed to discover that they haven't done it for the remake!

@cubicgarden did you mod it to give it the spring action? :)

@ted perhaps so, yeah, and someone with more data science chops than I could doubtless quantify that so it's OK. My objection to asking is really that it makes people care about a thing that they shouldn't have to care about. It's like popping up a dialog to ask whether the kernel should defragment your memory. I don't know or care; decide for me!

@ted the flaw there is that, as the piece outlines, you need to tune the amount of lying to balance "get accurate info in aggregate" against "protect user privacy". If you ask people that question, they won't know how to answer it -- why should I adjust? what's good about it? -- and you'll have no idea of how much lying happened and so don't know how accurate your data is at all, which makes it a lot less useful.

@DistroJunkie thank you! What I'd like to see happen is the conversation to change: if it's "we won't give you anything!" versus "they'll hate us anyway so we might as well collect everything and sell it", then it's so polarised that we'll never get anything done; an arms race is more expensive than a brain race. If there's something in the middle, where we can give data they find useful but not be compromised, then everyone wins.

Collecting useful user data without compromising our privacy: how carefully controlled lying could be the way forward.

Attempting to use DBus via the Gio/GLib bindings from Python 3 is close to impossible because it's so undocumented :( Frustrated.

Feeling happy and hungry in equal measures... @MeyerWeb is the latest person to contribute a favourite #recipe (Cinnamon chicken) to the Web Standards Food collection Thanks Eric!

@afterconnery that's what I haven't worked out, indeed, but I'd like us to try to work it out, so we can help real people who feel lost. Glad you liked the talk!

Privacy could be the next big thing. My talk from @hackferencebrum about privacy, and how people are uneasy about what's being done with their data. And how to explain that it doesn't have to be this way.
Also includes chocolate for the audience.

There is no better way to make oneself feel heroic while eating a cheese sandwich than to play the Die Hard With A Vengeance version of When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

Fort Knox? Ha! It's for tourists.

Michael Kamen is a genius.

currently playing "After Midnight" by Patsy Cline :)

It's my birthday! I mean, only just, and I'm shortly going to bed, and tomorrow will be my actual birthday, but nonetheless it's after midnight :)

@nolan I think it got named by someone who pulled a really bad starting set of Scrabble tiles

@davatron5000 ask someone who wrote it to give you a ten minute talk-through of how it works, if at all possible.