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hey, Gnome peeps; is it possible to get an RSS feed of user reviews for a particular extension? So I can stay on top of them

Maths types: is there some obviously winning strategy for any given player? This is probably one of those things where you should wait for 1/e rounds and then buy the next set as soon as it drops below e/100 pounds or something.

Game idea! Multiplayer. Start with £100 each. There are some number N of "rounds". A "round" is like an auction: in each round there are 10 (?) gems to be purchased. The price starts at £100 and counts down over time; the first person to say "I want them" gets the gems for that round, at the price they're at. Obviously you can't spend more money than you've got. Winner has the most gems at the end. So the tension is "wait longer to save money, but if you wait too long someone will get in first".

Browser diversity is indeed good for the web. Operating system diversity is good for developers, for similar reasons.

I see lots of love for Pocket Casts and AntennaPod from people I've asked about Android podcasting apps. I'm trying AntennaPod first (it's nice to support open source software) and I'l try Pocket Casts as well, and report back.

ok, peeps, I'm looking for advice on Android podcasting apps. Since they all cost money, I'm loath to try them out (I don't mind paying, but paying and refunding a bunch of them is annoying). The main things I'm looking for are: downloading new episodes without having to be told; some way to cap the amount of stored files to a filesize limit (so if we're up to say 400MB of downloads, remove the oldest one, or similar); ideally some way to add subscriptions from my desktop machine. Suggestions?

OK, turning off Attached Modal Dialogs in Gnome. I like the idea, but I need to see what's below them too often.

Hearing people talk about Brave and @BrendanEich and money and crypto currency, which is nice, speaking as a wholly brave user on phone for many months now. I need to read up and understand why it's some newly invented currency they're using, though, and decide what I think about that

Props to Microsoft for an effortless (and 100% screen reader accessible) Windows 10 install process using Narrator and Cortana.

It's the first time I've independently installed Windows, since I lost my sight back in 2k. This is a truly happy moment.

(well. I do now. After it didn't work, and then I went back into the preferences and discovered there's a save button if you scroll down and it's not instant apply, almost as though we're still in the 1990s, sigh, etc)

Filtering all non English languages. Now I feel like the worst imperialist English bastard imaginable.

Across from the window of my flat there is this big ugly wall. It would be nice if it were pretty. Say, by having some kind of excellent massive mural painted on it. I haven't looked into this at all, but: what's involved in getting a big mural there? (Other than "permission from the owner", obvs). Are there rules about this sort of thing? Or can you just paint what you like on walls? Who out there might pay for this? Community arts projects?

Ok, I need a bit of help from US people here. I'm just reading an article with the following phrase in: "Researchers specifically focused on white, working-class voters—people without college degrees or salaried jobs." That implies that anyone who isn't salaried is working class. Is that true? It's not true in the UK; someone who works in a factory is generally still paid a monthly standard wage, not a zero-hours piecework contract.

So, enchiladas, but make with pancakes instead of tortillas. What would you call this thing?

Andy Street (Conservative) is elected mayor of the West Midlands. Darn it. Well, it's up to him now to do a good job and convince me that he's not just a tool of central government.

Nailbiting stuff in the Birmingham/West Midlands mayoral elections. All seven areas have voted; Labour and Tories are only 6000 votes apart after 500,000 votes; nobody has 50% majority so we're now on to second preferences. Come on, Labour. :)

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