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where does one get Ubuntu news from, these days?

editing files in container from my real editor Show more

I keep thinking I want a decent font manager for Linux. But I think what I want is a decent font manager for Linux where categories I invent in it actually show up in font selection dialogs in other apps. That can't happen, can it?

Episode 2×22 of the Bad Voltage tech podcast, featuring Google Play Store and Tasker and LastPass and accessibility APIs, Mozilla crowdsourcing speech, Firefox Quantum, Android ROMs, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Compuserve (!), Intel and Minix, Open Access academia, Reddit, disturbing YouTube videos, and Eddie the Head. Hope you enjoy it.

Today's experiment: playing with web components to make a small version of the Twitter text counter without needing a library.

The Progressive Web App support of Firefox Nightly on Android is pretty good!

Hit the button in the header bar and I've now got an icon which behaves roughly as you'd like it to.

With new frontend features landing in Mastodon I'll try using this as my mobile interface for a while. Twidere, while excellent, doesn't yet let me do this: :icosahedron:

(Ping out to @sil who I'm sure we'll be interested 🕺 )

People who know Mexican cooking, is sopa de luz a thing? Is there a recipe?

A bit of late-night software archaeology to recover an Archimedes sound sample from the depths of my memory and put it somewhere more public for the next time I need it.

why, why are scrollbars inconsistent now on my Ubuntu desktop? Clicking in the gutter moves the thumb one jump towards that; middle-clicking in the gutter jumps right to that. Except now some applications don't do middle-click at all, and a single click jumps right there. Did we all decide to change? Did some people not get the memo? Why is this not the same for everything?!?

Anyone know how to make the notification area in Gnome Shell not be mindblowingly worthless? In particular, how I get at a notification's actions once it's in the area rather than in its own little popup, and how I can see the full text of a notification without clicking on it, which removes it and invokes it?

("Change to a different operating system" is in no way an acceptable answer here, just so you know :-))

One of my earliest screenshots of Full Throttle Remastered running on (I've been waiting to share this for about two months)

hey, this place has changed its favicon. I just spent ages scanning tabs looking for it to catch up and not seeing it!

Is there some way I can debug why tracker desktop search isn't finding matches in files that I'd expect it to? Or alternatively some way I can make my gnome desktop use recoll instead, which actually works? is a simple idea -- hide notifications while you're screensharing -- but the website makes a very compelling argument. Can Gnome do this? In particular, can we detect that the screen is being shared, or presented, or something is fullscreen? (Note: "yes but only if it's a GtkApplication Gnome app" is the same as "no" :-))

I wish there were a decent book recommendation thing. Goodreads just has "Not interested" to remove things from my list, and I'm afraid to use it, as "not interested because I didn't like this author's previous works" and "not interested because it's a playscript of a book I liked" and "not interested because someone said I wouldn't like it" are TOTALLY different.

it seems not. On the other hand, there is JSON at So a quick task later and I can now see reviews as an RSS feed. Hooray, job done, well done serverless people for making this sort of thing easy and I don't have to run a server.

Finally got to publish the video for my talk, The UX of Text! A summary:
The next wave of apps will be text; Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp bots and Twitter and Mastodon. The UX side was always intimately tied up with the visual designers, whether it should be or not... but now it's all text. We don't need artists; we need poets. Authors. Wordsmiths. for the talk, or video at

hey, Gnome peeps; is it possible to get an RSS feed of user reviews for a particular extension? So I can stay on top of them

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