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@sil wrote a nice piece talking about collecting machine data in Ubuntu:

I have a very simple take from the perspective of previously helping make releases of Xubuntu. Without knowing who the users are yet getting machine date will allow targeting resources to the most common platforms and usage scenarios. We don't know what is "average" for an Ubuntu user in terms of hardware. Greater privacy is nice but developers need to know what they're building for.

Collecting useful user data without compromising our privacy: how carefully controlled lying could be the way forward.

Attempting to use DBus via the Gio/GLib bindings from Python 3 is close to impossible because it's so undocumented :( Frustrated.

Feeling happy and hungry in equal measures... @MeyerWeb is the latest person to contribute a favourite #recipe (Cinnamon chicken) to the Web Standards Food collection Thanks Eric!

Privacy could be the next big thing. My talk from @hackferencebrum about privacy, and how people are uneasy about what's being done with their data. And how to explain that it doesn't have to be this way.
Also includes chocolate for the audience.

There is no better way to make oneself feel heroic while eating a cheese sandwich than to play the Die Hard With A Vengeance version of When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

Fort Knox? Ha! It's for tourists.

Michael Kamen is a genius.

currently playing "After Midnight" by Patsy Cline :)

It's my birthday! I mean, only just, and I'm shortly going to bed, and tomorrow will be my actual birthday, but nonetheless it's after midnight :)

The tbh app basically has you add your friends and then asks you questions like: who's really good at being a friend? You choose someone, and it tells them someone said it about them, but not who did. Anonymous compliments. One of the few apps I know which actually tries to create a positive vibe. It has a network problem, though; most people aren't on it. I wonder if a similar thing could work where your friends are those you follow and are followed by on Mastodon? Could be lovely.

Random idea for an app: Tinder for cocktails. Show someone a cocktail -- nice picture, short description -- and then swipe left or right. Attempt to learn the sorts of things they like, and tune stuff you show so they'll like it more, and have a list of "stuff I swiped right" which you can try out in the next cocktail bar you're in.

@grumpygamer for "testing" real games (not pointless unit testing), Zarf's PlotEx ( and stuff like it is useful to me -- map out the decisions, rather than low-level boring detail

@si hey! how have you got a little raining circle on your avatar? are animated gifs allowed?

Ported canute to Qt/QML, so I can make it look pretty. Quite pleased. Now I can launch stuff again.

massively annoyed with Gtk. Why can't I put box-shadow on loads of things? ListBox: nope. EventBox: nope. TreeView: nope. Entry is fine. And CSS applies to these things; I can set borders and background colours, but if I set a box-shadow, it's just not there. There is no indication of why this is, or anything. I've got plenty of margin room for it to show up in.

Baffled. How do I apply a drop shadow to a Gtk3 TreeView? If I set box-shadow in CSS it applies the shadow to each row in the TreeView. And I can't just put the TreeView in a Box and put a shadow on the Box, because Boxes aren't visible. This is really annoying!

I got interviewed on Destination Linux, who fatally failed to put a time limit in and so we chatted for two and a half hours. Covered lots of bits; Bad Voltage, Ubuntu, the changes in 17.10, revenue for software, loads. It was fun!

Seeing love for Tootdon. What in particular is good? I’ve only ever used the Mastodon web app.

OK, since iOS doesn’t do web apps properly, I need a Mastodon iOS native app. Currently trying Amaroq (which is not a media player! that was Amarok), but if you have love for another one, now is your time to shout at me about it

yay. Moved my LXD containers to my slow old hard drive and got 108GB of space back on my SSD! Nice one for explaining how, on Ubuntu 16.04, without using some mad enterprise version of LXD which sets up zfs storage pools and all that.

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