Psst, in case you didn't notice, there are some *new* strings waiting for translation on our Weblate. \o/


@fatuus Yes, it is! Proper dual-SIM support is almost done, security has been increased, and now the goal is to fix notifications-related issues before next update.

@silence Awesome!!!
Let me know if I can be of any help, like testing, etc...
During the week-end I can set it up on the jenkins to have build on each commit the pushed to a custom f-droid repo, for example.

Thanks a lot for the great work !

@fatuus A repo for beta will definitely be a good idea, because dealing with -unstable releases is a nightmare. But before the next update that will stabilize the current -unstable branch, it could be more confusing to add a nightly build to the current -stable and -unstable releases. By the way, Silence is built and tested using CI and APKs are already available, see

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