There’s no Mastodon server in the official suggestions with the word “sex” in the name or description, so I don’t even really know where to create my sexy alt account.

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Should I follow software projects on Mastodon, or are they just going to re-post what the tweet on Twitter?

Are we going to have sexy alt accounts on Mastodon as well? I don’t think any of my double-digit followers of mine are going to follow me here.

I’m barely into the 4th chapter, but Dilla Time by Dan Charnas is already very, very good.

How would one go about muting keywords on Mastodon?

No notification (that I can find), that my Twitter developer account was re-instated. Whatever. I’ll roll with it. I’m going to resuscitate at least one bot, and think of other ways to kill clichés, thereby ultimately creating new and more resilient clichés

Are the content restrictions on Tumblr less restrictive now than they were in 2019? I stopped posting there in protest of those restrictions, but maybe things are “better” now?

Now that we’re all moving to Mastodon, are we bringing our sexy alt accounts over, too?

What happened to Amaroq, the app for posting to Mastodon on iOS?

What’s funny about the whole Tumblr search thing is how bad their search “functionality” has been to begin with, and still is, in 2022! It only searches tags. Or something? But whatever you can do, it’s just as limited as it was over a decade ago.

I updated my profile. I endorsed a couple of people, which is evidently a thing on Mastadon (it's kind of like a blogroll, though maybe that only shows up on the web view of the profile). Did they get notified as such?

QR codes to login to services on video game consoles are good. Really, really good.

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I can’t wait to receive the Steam Deck and the Playdate units I ordered that have been delayed due to the Great Global Supply Chain Crisis of 2021 so that they can take their place gathering dust behind the PS5.

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I bought a PS5, so now I have a video game console queue. It’s in line behind my gaming PC laptop that I haven’t lifted the lid of since September and the Nintendo Switch that I haven’t opened since I got it in January.

I make one joke about Drake’s “God’s Plan” at work and now I’m the “God’s Plan” Joke Guy forever.

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