How is it not a Young Thug song featuring Rae Sremmurd?

If I was worried that we were exiting a golden age in rap, Young Thug’s long verse on Rae Sremmurd’s “Offshore” put me at ease that we’re still in that golden age.

I should add that to my list of social media failures at and replace the Robert Scoble one because it turns out, well…

My greatest failure as someone who posts to social media was having too unique a combination of interests, and thinking I needed to break off into separate accounts for each interest when really my interests haven’t been interesting to other people individually either.

I’m thinking of breaking off my synth videos to a synths-only Instagram and my synth tweets to a synths-only Twitter and my synth toots to a synths-only Mastodon account and this joke structure where you end a post mid-word was a lot funnier when we only had 140 characters to work with but I guess I’m actually serious about wanting synths-only accounts that nobody will follow despite what will be frequent exhortations to follow those accounts.

We decided against teaching ASIMO how to Dougie because that would have involved stop-motion animation, which we don't have the budget for.

Freedomstaki is not a real place and .fs is not a real TLD, both of which I just learned after a few minutes of believing otherwise.

“Lyrics To Go” is my favourite A Tribe Called Quest beat, and it sounds even better chopped up. RIP Phife Dawg.

I just saw someone look at Twitter on the streetcar. In my 3 years of definitely not spying on people’s phones in Toronto, I never saw anybody look at Twitter until today.

Marking the date and time of the first sunset of 2017 to reach the Hvalhús balcony. I’m hoping for a long, hot, bright summer filled with drinking on my Muskoka chair and watching ballgames.

I got a lot of love to give, and right now my only outlet is Mastodon.


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