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"The new technology that aspires to #deletefacebook for good"

Nice shout-out to Mastodon from the pages of the Washington Post. Feels good for our humble little community to get some mainstream press coverage again. 😊

#Analytica Aftermath | #Unfilter #273.

The twisted way that data about you and your family is used to manipulate the way you feel about hot button topics gets exposed when a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reveals all.

Plus #Trump’s had a busy week, the high-note is quick, and the Overtime is packed!

#podcast #news #infosec

Follow Friday! #FF

@aparrish for the horribly wonderful things she does to text and language using computers, and her words that will tickle your brainmeats

@lattera for experiments in OS hardening, privacy-enancing tech, and other infosec topics

@WelshPixie for super nice detailed art

@technomancy Come for the PL snark, stay for the Emacs In Space

@nolan Knows some shit about the web

I just received excellent work related news!

Hey all! I’m a developer in Boston working at non-profit biotech. I excited to see what mastodon has to offer. Happy to be here!

v2.3.2 is out!

🚨 For servers running Docker, this release contains a critical fix for a segmentation fault issue.

Other fixes included.

@HerraBRE But this is wrong though. On facebook, you have IRL friends, relationship/marriage data, place(s) of work, locations where you've been, your date and place of birth, it detects your race, your income level. By "liking" things you literally create an influence graph, all within one database.

On Mastodon, we only have posts. You could collect them, the public ones, run sentiment analysis, language parsing, it would STILL be a lot harder to get the same level of knowledge about people.

@Gargron "Mastodon: It doesn't sell your data to Cambridge Analytica!"

High Court perma-bans efforts to extradite for hacking trial.

Sets precedent for blocking extradition of hackers to US on humanitarian grounds.

When told I have to use very poorly written and cumbersome I turn into a honey .

Former APT members [from 8200] building infosec startups (offensive or defensive) is the most efficient strategy to become a top cyber superpower