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Eric Chadbourne

"On a conference call announcing the guilty pleas Wednesday, Justice Department Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard Downing said that the Mirai case underscored the perils of young computer users who lose their way online—and said that the Justice Department planned to expand its youth outreach efforts."

Sure, because manufacturers churning out insecure network equipment are completely innocent here.


The Mirai botnet was created by three college kids in Alaska trying to take down rival Minecraft servers. The future is so weird.

"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages"

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages:

a cybre cafe except instead of basically a public computer lab it's just a warm street cafe with cheap but high quality coffees and teas where you can come and hang out with other people from cybre space and chat about computers and life and stuff

Quake 2 released 20 years ago, we are celebrating by having a deathmatch on an OpenBSD server. Join us:

Shut Up and Frag

I'm sure the folks are badasses but whenever I see the brag of 100% detection I want to call BS. It's an immediate turn off to me.

RT @fightfortheftr: Rolling Stone writes about 150+ artists and musicians endorsing tomorrow's 600+ nationwide #NetNeutrality protests… source:

Corporate operational security training: Don't store or transmit PII plaintext.

Corporate bureaucracy: Finish the above training then send me your PII in the clear so I can finish my paperwork.

Software Freedom Conservancy is on : @conservancy . This is relevant to my Internets.

So, there's a Chinese botnet package known as "Destroyer" (破坏者).

It, ironically, can itself be destroyed, thanks to a stack buffer overflow.

I wasn't able to get full RCE, but a jump to "call ExitProcess" should be enough, no? It can be triggered directly after "start DDoS", for even more lulz.

Here's the exploit:

And here's a bot sample hash: b17535de8061dce3d6630e92d601ebe1ebac44ed52b3a04a8bb72f6661f23d44

Let's :)

Researchers craft Android app that reveals menagerie of hidden spyware; legally barred from doing the same with iOS:

Wrote a script to take a Twitter archive and backup the images. Fixes the issue where deactivated accounts have all their images deleted: /cc @strevat

UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems #theregister #news

When financial institutions engage in #lobbying, their stock returns increase, and their legal risk decreases:

The paper also finds: "It is clear that lobbying is concentrated amongst the largest financial institutions, which have resources to influence legislative processes."


Facebook logged the posts you wrote but then erased and never posted in the first place, and now they kindly published a study about it :thinkhappy: (PDF)

I wasn't the guy they expected but I was the one they wanted.

Working on a complete website redesign for a medium sized nonprofit in Boston today. Very exciting!

I love using my super powers to help good people.

Should I be more concerned that my Windows 10 is trying to raise the dead or that it failed