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The number of boomer journos who have demanded accountability from the political executive - aka - the sacking of Amit Shah.

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In 2011, police brutality in the middle of the night at Delhi's Ramlila maidan was taken notice of Suo Motu by Supreme Court.

Jamia is about 12 kms away from Ramlila ground. Via Supreme Court.


@Kaveriexpress not able to find u (or anyone else) on Signal. Help!

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Made a map of the world that the story of my podcast is happening in. Take a look!

If you haven't listened, go over to and start on your Yugantar journey.

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BAPSA leader Jitender Suna has been picked up, mercilessly beaten up, detained by the state agents while playing Nisaan. Jitu has been playing Nisan, Tasa, Dafli in every protests
Why do the state fear of the beats of our Nisan? Who's violent; we or those who have laathi to gun?

A friend is looking for a 2 or 3 BHK near sector 8 Noida.
Commute time has to be within 30 mins.
Budget 15k, can stretch upto max 20k.

Any leads? Reply or DM.

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Here is a thread I composed and posted to Twitter in September 2018. It went kind-of viral. I am rather fond of it myself because you don't often go viral for something you genuinely care about. And this I really care about. Here goes:

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@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.

We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

4 writers needed for a visually challenged candidate for college exam. Medium Marathi. Criteria no age bar. Date 15 Nov. Centre Garware college, Pune. Time 10- 1pm. WhatsApp or call ummehaani Bagasrawala 9619177720 suniti desai 9833160770

Pearls of vision

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I'm not a part of JNU, but as a member of the academic community, I am deeply aware of the wonderful institution that is JNU. People from all walks of life, some who can barely afford higher education, have found their voice and calling here. The corporaate media's discourse is disgusting and ridden with falsehoods. The fee hike will not only affect the institution but the quality of education within the country.

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Vistas from Train windows. Traveling long distance by trains during the monsoons offers such views sometimes.

Location: Somewhere between Lonavla and Karjat.

Old pic.

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