California Fires, Capitalism 

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler's house burnt down, making headlines. One of dozens of houses they have or could buy in a heartbeat with their many millions of dollars.

Meanwhile exploited agriculture laborers and prisoners *putting out the fires* have to work for criminally low wages risking their life, cause they don't make enough to afford to not work.

Fuck capitalism.

California Fires, Capitalism 

@silverspookgames hey do you know the source for this photo? It's a great shot! (If it's you props)

California Fires, Capitalism 

@silverspookgames literally working in hell ): where's the pic from?

@silverspookgames wow, did you take that picture? what's the source?

California Fires, Capitalism 

@silverspookgames at least they covered it

Not sure about how much television covered it. Mediamatters not happy with prison strike coverage

California Fires, Capitalism 


> MSNBC is the gatekeeping standard-bearer of progressive media in the U.S., setting the tone daily for what liberals should care about.

And here i was thinking it is largely garbage...

California Fires, Capitalism 

@silverspookgames "In California, a clash of ideals: Fighting fires and fixing the prison system

Fixing the prison system _and_ fighting fires? IMPOSSIBLE! (muh 80M$ ?!?)

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