"It’s a very passion -driven industry"
"For many people it’s been a badge of honour to work all night and until the early hours of the morning"

This is fucked up game culture propagated and exploited by rich execs to milk bright-eyed young devs for all their labor value, & unfortunately HUGE in the industry.

'Passion' doesn't pay the rent.

Creative work, however much you love it, is still work, & people need to be compensated fairly.

A cooperatized Rockstar would've made a better, less slave-driving game than that cowboy sim.

I spent YEARS of creative energy making fucking Microsoft-accessories solitaire version 43 or some shit phone app. I don't really feel any of that added value to humanity.

I had to QUIT and make a game myself (Neofeud) to produce anything I actually cared about, of value.

I'm not saying you need to quit that job at EA or Bethesda or stop applying to Activizion Blizzard or whatever.

We all gotta pay the landlord and buy the overpriced medicare and arsenic-filled food in capitalism.

But if you have the connections, money, and option to quit and start an indie company that isn't a toxic shithole, yeah, give it some thought.

@Spamilton Yep, ultra-agree! That's why I left the $4,000 rent US city to live on a lava flow lol.

@silverspookgames Unless it's _your personal labor of love_ that you're squeezing into spare time, staying up through your sleep cycle to work on it is needlessly cruel.

@silverspookgames What I wanted to be when I grew up was a game programmer (I hadn't realized yet that you can be a pornographer without being pretty). I didn't take that path because of this.

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