tfw you realize neoliberalism and the increasing pressure of capitalism is creating a mass cultural mediocrity that tolerates no transgression whatsoever and it’s penetrating the social sphere, as all becomes image, as all association to any image reflects on literal survival in capitalism

@matilde I'm for accelerationating, once we point the (electric) car more towards an actual future rather than off a cliff to annihilation.

@silverspookgames I gotta read more but it does basically assent to a whole lot of human grief

@matilde I had a *major* fight with some original transhumanists / accelerationists, particularly of the Nick Land school on a now-defunct site about a decade ago.

Then it was more "Moore's Law is a stairway to heaven. Technology, computers, AI, led by Silicon Valley will cure cancer, solve space travel, help us live forever, end war, poverty, political struggle, and all other problems. The Technium will save!

I said "You fucking clowns, I'm from a US ghetto, where we're all going to be soon."

@matilde There was much, much less negative prognostication about the future then. Entrepreneurs and capitalism were still super great everywhere, and socialism was totally a bad word for those who fancied political/career suicide.

Then 2008 meltdown, the 20-teens, Facebook, Twitter global internet-nexus fascism, Trump, total environmental extinction staring everyone down the barrel with psychopath billionaires still in control, and yeah, I told you so, motherfuckers!


@matilde I guess some of them are friends with Elon Musk or Peter Thiel or work at megabanks as futurist advisors, so maybe not 100% right.

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