Musk: "Let's do GITS anime cosplay on Mars, and merge with Skynet, goth gf."

Bezos: "I can't think of anything to do with this $150,000,000,000 but go to space."

Thiel: "I want to be immortal like Peter Weyland."

McAfee: "It's mathematically possible for me to fuck a whale."

Exploiting too much labor value is a medical condition whose only remedy is ending capitalism.

@binchicken @silverspookgames he definitely killed a dude fwiw and his main income is backing shitcoins

@binchicken @silverspookgames but he follows me on twitter so its impossible to say if thats bad or good :blobhyperthink:

@silverspookgames honestly the space thing is just more capitalist stuff. Planning expansion, extraction of resources, inventing an industry to profit off the ongoing expansion and extraction, get first foothold in the expanded areas.

@silverspookgames human goodwill etc is a great front but the only reason anyone wants to go to space is because we are hitting the wall on spaces, resources and industries to exploit and expand and assimilate into capital

@silverspookgames When I wrote the first SF Western novella in my Dust and Sky series, one of the bits of "extra" material I wrote for the publisher centered on the idea that Humanity had "lost" Earth because the rich dudes sent everyone else to space after nearly killing the planet.

@silverspookgames He knows what'll happen if he brings up the movie we speak not of.

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