The median salary for a full-time writer in the US is $20,300, well below the poverty line.

Never feel bad about self promotion or asking for money to survive in the hell that is capitalism.

Even an average writer or other creator provides more net value to the world than the 'best' capitalist, AKA labor-thief and planet-destroyer.

Also, Jeff Bezos made 3 million times as much money as a full-time writer in 2018.

He also abused 100,000s more workers, and manipulated/strong armed dozens more governments, and made $10 billion more in military contracting for the Pentagon than the run-of-the-mill writer.

This is obviously because Jeff Bezos worked 3 million times as hard as the Amazon warehouse employee, author selling books on Amazon's site, and also Jeff Bezos is 3 million times smarter and more talented than them.

@moonman What would you say capitalists *do* that is so valuable?


I read this yesterday, and it's a tragedy. Without any incentive for quality writing and journalism, corporate and government entities are free to act maliciously without fear of being exposed. Journalism will continue to become centralized, owned by the same entities that the press is meant to keep in check.

@danwallace Yep 100%. With writing and journalism paying starvation-wages, it's the Golden Age for malice.

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