The 90's-style cyberpunk immersive sim in progress! Added the Deus Ex-style inventory system and working like crazy on quest and dialog right now!
We now have a Discord for Terminus Cyberstar here:

Like Deus Ex there will be lethal, non-lethal, hacking, stealth, and other solutions to challenges. However Terminus Cyberstar will also have solutions to objectives that are collectivist, involve worker-agitation, protest, employee strike, mass-quitting capitalism and cooperatization, require encouraging / participating in a mass of people peacefully resisting in solidarity.

As opposed to a singular cool Jason Bourne dude with augmented legs and nano-nightvision saving everyone messianically.


There will also be cool jumping and bat-vision and surveillance capitalism AI-hacking and dodging drone strikes / spoofing predators and all that fun stuff too though.

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