"The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together." -MLK

As an indigenous POC, teacher & social worker who worked with poor, homeless, & immigrant children, making enough to live with my family in an old SUV surviving on ramen and spam nightly, while US military officers live here in 5 bedroom estates, and Zuckerberg, Bezos carve our island up into empty condos to store blood-covered billions, making more homeless -- I have to agree.

The US was founded on genocide, slavery, & capitalism. It is fascist to the core, with each new wave of settlers, colonists & exploiters picking up the gun, the whip, & the swastika, making a literal and figurative killing off the backs of the poor & indigenous here & abroad, & then spending the rest of their lives attempting to airbrush their own legacy & that of capitalism by building libraries in Oakland, schools in Africa, supporting open source conferences.

Trump is America's true face.

We never went to Iraq and countless other countries to bring prosperity and democracy. We went to carpet bomb innocent people, drive tanks into their yard, shoot dad, waterboard the son while mom screams, and then steal all their resources. Trump just says out loud. He fucks up the Philanthropist face of the US and capitalism, because he's a bumbling overprivileged cis white male Nazi fortune inheritor.

It's poetic injustice that the most capitalist country, the US -- which lead that extinction of native American tribes, inspired Hitler to gas millions of Jews, inflicted unspeakable centuries of suffering on black people, massacre of Muslims for oil and CIA manufactured nazi-coups in South America to slaughter the left and up profits -- is the country that now leads the extinction of the biosphere and human race itself, as the IPCC estimates, post-2030, for profit of said capitalist fascists.

The only survivors will be richest of the fascists, the surveillance capitalists, & the most sociopathic programmers, scientists managing the billionaire's AI-run terminators to defend Jeff Bezos' escape launchpad from poor people, & Mark Zuckerberg's New Zealand fortified bunkers from starving unemployed doctors, teachers as the last corn crop fails.

Unless we get together & revolt against our own extinction, as Haitians once rose against slavemasters, the French overthrew Versailles, the socialists and communists battered the Gilded into the New Deal, the Civil Rights movement won desegregation, Yellow Vests FORCE redistribution of wealth in France & spreading globally, the DAPL & other indigenous water protectors, et. al are doing today to stop the second genocide of their own people through water filled with toxic fossil fuel.

Support the struggles, physically, financially, however. Giv POC, LGBTQ trans and other marginalized people money (thanks Hbomberguy).

Quit working for capitalist corporations, imperialist murderers, sociopaths, and defending their blood money for a piece of their fascist capitalist castle. Agitate in your family, friends, and workplaces. Democratize workplaces. Find or make cooperatives. Change your organization or leave your organization.

Do something. We have less than 11 years.

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