"Video Games As Punk Rock (Presented by Amazon at GDC 2019)"

HAHAHAAHAHA. Other big-brain conference ideas for 2019:

Saving the planet by remembering to turn off faucets - Presented by Frakking Oil Giants.

Privacy and cypherpunk - Presented by Facebook.

Solving wealth inequality - Presented by Billionaire Association.

World peace, democracy, and human rights - Presented by US military-industrial complex.

@craigmaloney When Amazon is doing talks on punk... What even are WORDS!@? 😂


oh wow

and it only costs $1000+ to get access to this

a bargain really

@silverspookgames also, this is amazing

(the pass you may win doesn't give you access to anything development-related, you're just here to bulk the numbers on the expo floor)

@emptyfortress I think I'd actually pay to see this event not happen (To some actually punk indie game devs, not Amazon)

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