Eat the rich.

"Billionaires are smart and good, poor / middle class people are dumb and immoral, and they need to be managed by us big-brain ultrawealthy.

Thanks for coming to my Davos Talk 2020."

(Scene from Neofeud)


Anand Giridharadas: "Davos should End."

AOC: "Every billionaire is a policy failure."

Howard Schultz: "Please don't eat me. I'm not a billionaire, I'm just a person of means!"

Good to see the world figuring neofeudal capitalism out before the hellscape future of Neofeud is fully realized.

The only billionaire philanthropy that should exist is the Billionaires For Ending The Existence Of Billionaires Foundation

The Schultz Foundation to push billions lobbying congress for tax hikes to 90% on anyone making over $10 million

"Bill & Melinda Gates End Capitalist Corporations Foundation" would pay Amazon & Google workers $100 a day to strike indefinitely until these corps were democratized into worker coops

The only good cancer is the cancer that destroys itself & all other cancer

Capitalism Hell 

The Old Boys Foundation to end dynastic privelege of Old White Boys, like Trump, and most billionaires.

The Aspen Institute dedicated to Ending Pretentious Thinktanks full of Rich Overprivileged Blowhards.

The Harvard Fellowship for Ending Class Gatekeepers and Democratizing Universities.

The Davos "End Private Meetings for airbrushing Tech Magnates and War Criminals Reputations in Luxury Resorts In The Swiss Alps" Forum, meets in Flint, keynote speaker: Venezuelan socialists.

The CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NYT WAPO partnership to Stop Us Being Billionaire War Propagandists And Give All Our Money To Actual Journalists Initiative.

The Goldman Sachs Non-Profit to End Stock Markets, Reinstate Glass-Steagal, and Institute Public North Dakota-style Banks Everywhere Foundation.

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