Reminder to everyone still working three dead-end jobs dog-walking, Uber-driving, grocery-running, adjunct-educating, hoping to win the killer-app lottery living in a coffin apodment or parents' closet, United Airlines aircraft engineers living in vans in $4000 rent cities, 70-year-old retirees going back to work in Amazon sweatshops sardine-packed 5 families to a house, and the other 60% of America in poverty after adjusting for rent/health care costs, as the biosphere dies.

Fuck Capitalism

I literally know a United Airlines aircraft engineer, makes $90,000 a year, and lives, ironically, in a 2012 Chevvy *Suburban* parked in a Walmart.

Wife and kids live hundreds of miles away. Sees them once a week. Constantly in marriage counseling.

No one is making it.


I hear you.

I still maintain it is the logical endgame of any ISM that power and wealth end up concentrated... Capitalism is just more attuned to reward greed...

end game is always terrible.

@thegibson Capitalism neoliberalism imperialism all need to go.

Democracism is pretty good though.


I still believe any of them allowed to run to their logical end fall apart into their own hellscapes...

moderate regulation is the key... but leaders want power, and they will make power for themselves by asserting it over others.

I don't have it in me right now... I am sorry...

in a funk and backing out of this because I'm rambling.

@thegibson Capitalism neoliberalism and imperialism need to be seriously shut down. It's not like strep throat you can completely eradicate, but the capitalism/socialism mix in the US is way on the cap side. That's why we have the goddamn 6-figure aircraft engineers living in Chevy Suburbans or in 200 square foot closets in LA, Honolulu, Seattle, where half the country is. Getting divorces cause they have no time to spend with wives/kids.

Like we need to push it way to the socialism way up.

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