Jeff Bezos made $50,000,000,000 last year, or about 2.5 million times his Amazon employees.

But no, let's blame average Americans for getting haircuts and eating at restaurants for humanitarian crisis-level lack of access to basic necessities like healthcare, affordable housing, food, non-lead-filled water, education, childcare, etc..

Fuck off.


It's super important, especially in an age of increasingly fraught mental health and enormous pressure to look as good as you can all the time. Your self-esteem can ride or die based on feeling good about your appearance.

These articles are so ludicrously out of touch it's maddening.


I simply do not believe those numbers.

I know some serious money squandering people, and they don't have $200 for takeout and $100 for subscription boxes. Bullshit USAToday.

Also, when did we start classifying grooming as unnecessary?

I'm looking at the Masto thread discussing "mean" vs. "median" right now, and strongly side-eyeing these numbers.

If the "average American" is taken to mean including the very richest people, skewing those numbers up, and then using them to shame the "median American" about how much inessential money they spend (while probably simultaneously making them feel insecure that they *can't* spend that much at all!) then it constitutes an abusive use of stats IMHO.

@erosdiscordia Yeah, 100%. The $18,000 "non-essential expenditures" is abusive stats in multiple ways. A quick search suggests mean (average) income in US was $87,200, while median was $47,600 - a massive difference - and that was in 2014.

Then there's the idea that things like internet, personal grooming and ridesharing (method of transportation to work!?!?) are non-essential.

This is pure garbage. It's pro-rich, anti-average people propaganda on so many levels.

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That's almost as much as I even get paid per month, exactly how much money are rich people spending to inflate the stats like this? Assuming the stats aren't entirely fabricated

@lesbianhacker You got it. They probably use national sales data in all these categories and just divide it by the adult population. Top 10% or so are spending large and skewing the average so it looks like the bottom 90% are spending those amounts. It's just BS.

Notice for Source it just sas "Ladder". I'd like to make them show their work.


@leadore @lesbianhacker @silverspookgames “online shopping” and “subscription boxes” aren’t even goods, they’re a method of retail. online shopping for what? boxes full of what? this “information” is nonsense.

@leadore Same. Even when I was making closer to $2,000 working over 40 hours a week, basically all of that was spent on rent, utilities, transportation, and ramen-cheap food. $1500 on 'non-essentials' is non-sensicals.

@silverspookgames: This is just one of the many campaigns to make common people feel like they are causing harm. It's anti-humanist, probably because as automation rises the rich folk aren't going to need as many people around.

Yeah, that whole "your existence is too costly" constant subtle propaganda. Abusive. 👎🏽

There is enough to go around.

@silverspookgames ah yes, complete nonsessentials like [pulling out clipboard with notes scribbled directly on the wood]
- food
- transportation
- grooming
- internet access
- material goods in general


who the fuck writes this shit


Exercise for everyone:

Guess how much Jeff Bezos makes per *hour*. Doesn't matter how little information you have. Just guess.

Now click this link:

@ben well, I was off by roughly 7.96 million dollars an hour

@ben @silverspookgames @xmakina The King and the Pawn end up in the same box at the end of the game.

@silverspookgames "nonessentials" --> "ways you spend your money that I don't approve of"

@silverspookgames ah yes, those silly luxury items like soap and food

@silverspookgames dunno where those expenses numbers come from but it's more than many people total incomeper month in France... 🤔

@silverspookgames check out what percentage he donated to charity. It’s down way below 1%.

@silverspookgames very strange, to me, that people dont simply live in little ditches , eating dirt and worms, without ever travelling anywhere...

> Restaurant meals
> Takeouts
> Buying lunch
> Nonessentials

Fuck you.
I live two hours away from work. I have no time or energy to cook. I eat at restaurants and use takeouts not necessarily because I like it, they are pretty much my only fucking option.

> Cable

Whoever has the guts to say that cables (and technology pretty much in general) are nonessential deserves to be abandoned in the wilderness wearing nothing but a fig leaf. Cables are bloodveins of our century.

> Online shopping

Now, that's an absurd statistic. It pretty much says that whatever you buy online is non-essential. What the hell. What if you're buying baby supplies because the ones your local store is carrying are shit? What if you're buying groceries online because you have no local store like I do?

> Impulse purchases

Are you blaming us for falling for your fucking ads? Are you?

You know what's non-essential? Having a private fucking charter yacht.

@silverspookgames yeah I can't really believe that even the average american who buys subscription boxes is spending $94/month on them, let alone the average of all americans

plus literally 50% of the stuff on this list is just food

@silverspookgames like if this were accurate then the US subscription box market would be worth $368bn a year

this seems improbable

@silverspookgames "we can all do without" is a ridiculous fucking judgmental claim.

Because I would totally keep my job if I didn't get haircuts.

Just to take one thing there.

@silverspookgames Oh no, how dare people enjoy their lives instead of just existing between their bed and their job.

Jesus fucking Christ this is disgusting.


I guess he's so rich and arrogante that he doesn't realize or care how much the world despises him for his greed and selfishness?

I'm entitled to it - I work hard for my money.

OK, show us. Give away all your money and take a job in YOUR company picking items in a warehouse and work your way up - show us how it's done.

It's the joke that there are no poor people in the usa - only temporarily inconvenienced millionaires. Just work hard. Think and grow rich...


Beat me to it. If *any* of these sectors saw a big pullback in spending, there would be no end of screaming over how Americans need to get out and spend more.

Three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. The average American doesn't mean anything because it's so skewed by the rich.

@silverspookgames *quietly blinks at JUST HOW MANY FUCKING ZEROES there are in that $ amount for Bezos's income* Sweet fuck.

@hummingrain Right? I find typing out the actual zeros in billion really shows how monstrously fucked up Bezos' etc. wealth disparity is. It's like, "What the fuck? My income is like a lone penny next to a busload of stacked $100s..."

@silverspookgames It's like they looked at the "The city will bury you for free if they can't identify your body" joke and thought that that was actually a really cool and good attitude This is boomer-tier bait. Still tough, fuck everything this post represents.

@silverspookgames Even this chart is fucked. So maybe cable TV, “impulse purchases” and “subscription boxes” (whatever those are) aren’t necessities. The rest are food and transportation and grooming. I’m pretty sure that eating, drinking, moving around, and cleaning one’s self are necessities.

@silverspookgames This is the Sex Pistols theory of consumption. Johnny Rotten is famous for telling his fans how stupid they are for enjoying his music. This is that just writ large. Capitalism is the most efficient engine of productivity ever devised and aren’t you morally inferior for participating in it?

@silverspookgames double fuck off bc USA Today has DEF printed at least one "millennials are killing X" article

@ItsJenNotGabby This week: "Americans spending too much on non-essential haircuts and food."

Next week: "Millennials killing haircuts and food eating."

@silverspookgames god this is so funny because
a) jesu Christu these numbers, is this supposed to be relevant to Literally Anyone traditionally under scrutiny for how they spend their wages???
b) four to five of these are just "weird how relentlessly capitalism has expropriated food preparation from the home in order to generate more profit?"
c) most of the others are decisions exahusted stressed out people make bc brains have limits
d) "online shopping" ah, yes, online is only for nonessential

@silverspookgames How the hell is personal grooming NOT an essential? Jesus christ these people are out of touch with reality.

@silverspookgames Fuck Jeff Bezos, he overworks his employees for barely enough to piss someone off

@silverspookgames They're working those people to the fucking bone and for what?? Maybe getting your tuition paid for, but at what cost, having some of the worst job for a year+

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