They're trying to make it illegal to unionize or protest in the US

POC in US ghettos have known the government was just the enforcement arm of a $$$-centric system of neoslavery, cooking up bogus drug charges to throw you in a for-profit prison to make Whole Foods products for Jeff Bezos for 25 cents an hour

Now, working 60-70 hours a week at 3 different jobs to afford meds, rent & food is rebranded open-air slavery for the less marginalized. Resist & go to real prison


They're also trying to make it illegal to expose war crimes, corruption in government, or do journalism whatsoever, further destroying the 1st amendment in the US.

A neofeudal plutocracy shrouded in an illusion of democracy, law, liberty, justice, and equality in the US, that has always been the case. The facade grows more paper-thin every day, and this case could fully shred it.

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@silverspookgames I personally think that a number of things he did, even some in the name of Wikileaks, are morally bankrupt beyond question. However I agree that the case against him is super super weak, and endangers journalists and whistleblowers alike.

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