Berkeley burrito-delivery bot purported to be using 'advanced neural network' is actually remotely piloted by Colombians, who are paid $2 per hour.

Welcome to capitalism, where tech startups fake 'genius' AI using hidden POC sweatshop labor in a 'black box' to rake in profits.

"AI, games, Amazon, it's all made with magic! In our magic black box!"
"What's in it?"
"Nevermind, just eat your kale salad and let's do yoga!"
*Open box, find a sweatshop*

@polymerwitch Yeah, I actually studied cognitive computing, and much 'Artificial Intelligence' especially nowadays is a scam capitalizing on mass-misinformation through sci-fi pop culture and tech hype.

Jeff Bezos' was claiming to have 'advanced AI' determining Amazon delivery payouts. Turns out, it was just stealing deliverers tips to pay them often sub-minimum wage, making Bezos' more billions.

@polymerwitch This is the incredible Amazon algorithm:

Wage + Tip > Minimum Wage
Give Tip To Jeff Bezos

Man, that was hard entrepreneurial big brain work! Algorithmic wage-theft is tough stuff

I'm gonna need my $150,000,000,000 now, Silicon Valley capitalism 'meritocracy'.

@silverspookgames that kind of business model / scam is so common there's a name for it, Mechanical Turk... and Amazon have monetised it, because of course they would

@silverspookgames This problem began in earnest with Amazon Turk, but I have the feeling this shit is just getting started… 🤮

@silverspookgames Jesus fucking Christ, the article is so blase about it, too. Literally nothing about how exploitative it is, it's all praise for finding a cost-effective solution and shit about how cute the robots are.

@silverspookgames you would think that, even if the paper ignored the exploitativeness of it all, that they would have called the firm out for having done something that isn't nearly as technically innovative as it appears to be at a glance. This isn't "robot delivery service," it's drones with sandwiches.

I guess they are opting for a "just the facts" reporting approach. What bullshit.

@jordan31 @silverspookgames it's in quotes for a reason. The article is clearly written in a way that purposely glosses over the fact that no technological innovation has been made here.

But additionally, claiming "neutrality" in the face of injustice and exploitation is being complicit with it.

@silverspookgames "... and you don't have to tip." Really telling last sentence in that article.

@silverspookgames Honestly, if they paid me 3 € an hour to listen in on people and feed lines to alexa as a part-time job, I'd think about it.

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