Amazon announces "Cyberpunk dystopian mass-suveillance as a service".

I made a Deus Ex total conversion about ten years ago where you play a homeless socialist hacktivist trying not to get drone-striked in downtown San Fran outside of barbwire-walled billionaire enclaves or caught by the AI-automated robot police and thrown in the smartphone sweatshop. 60% AI/automation unemployment rate and global subprime meltdown redux.

Going to be streaming some of Terminus Machina tomorrow in honor of it being about five minutes from reality.

@silverspookgames Everything the tech industry does has an ulterior motive and it's usually "sell something to the cops and developers."

@ND3JR Yeah the dark truth is really shining through there with "surveillance as a service".



Thank you!

The game was my upbringing haha. I even ended up buying the last and first men (pretty sure it was called that...) later in life.

@silverspookgames I loved TM! I really need to go back to it and finish it (I locked myself out because I took the wrong skills, I think...) That song that plays in the hub is infectious! I'll try to catch your stream tomorrow.

@dona Hey thanks a lot for playing Terminus Machina and for the kind feedback! Sorry that I kind of made it pretty tough. If I'm able to actually beat it tomorrow you can use it as a walkthrough. :)

Also that song you're talking about is I believe District 10 and is over here if you just want to hear it :)

@silverspookgames Yes, that's the track! I love it so much :D

I don't mind the game being tough, I thought it fit the theme quite well. The ONE time that I don't invest in hacking in a DX game and it blocked my progress, hahhaha.

@silverspookgames I laughed out loud at this, only to keep from crying because it's so true.

@silverspookgames I wonder how long we will have to wait before this will count as a documentary?

@silverspookgames How much sooner can we hire hacker-elves to break into systems for us? I need some credits to get this cortex bomb out of my head, man...

I started to boycott their services a couple.of months ago. I won't renew my prime membership. I also use #OVH as a hosting provider now.

F. Them.

>surveillance as a service
They're not even trying to hide it

@feonixrift XD 2025: After mass-drone moonings, drone butt-recognition gets so good Amazon delivery bots will deliver tanning lotion while you're sunbathing face down in the sand at the beach.

@silverspookgames @RobinHood I am looking forward to stories featuring the new American pasttime of skeet-shooting Amazon drones out of the sky for sport. It would be hilariously ironic if you bought the camo blind on Amazon to do this. Damn near poetically ironic.

@silverspookgames getting guns and shooting these out of the sky is not just praxis, it's necessary


ah yes, PSaaS (Police Surveillance as a Service)

it's a good thing the WD3 trailer dropped before this or else reality might have become unrealistic 🤪

@silverspookgames I don't get why people do this.. Post a link...

@SaniTea Imagine having a summer bbq in the backyard and fifty Amazon drones are buzzing overhead taking video and audio recordings.

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