"Millennials saving money to blame for sluggish economy"
"Millennials should save $30,000 before turning 25"

Dump all capitalist media into a black hole.

@silverspookgames Translation: "Those people we underpay are refusing to perpetuate the fairy tale of endless growth! Also, they spend too much money on avocado toast. I am convinced that these are somehow not contradictory statements!"

@ink_slinger @silverspookgames Whenever I see that stupid sentiment about toast I just think of the movie Pitch Black: "Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life, so long as you have the little luxuries."

@silverspookgames Alternative translation: "I have jack shit relevant to write about, so I'll just make something up shitting on millennials and it'll be a guaranteed hit among angry boomer dads. No thought required and I make my deadline."

@silverspookgames i like how silent generation folks being stingy is clearly recognized as a result of the economic crisis they lived through instilling in them incredible anxiety over economic security, but when millennials exhibit the exact same trend in behavior it's seen as a character flaw

@silverspookgames This is just shame porn for Boomers. They are raging that no one under 50 watches these tv networks anyway.

@silverspookgames in my entire life up to age 25 i could not have had even $15k if i saved every single penny i ever received

@silverspookgames @LexYeen I said this in birdsite and I'll say it here - when you burden an entire generation with the largest liquidity crisis in the history of human civilization on top of a recession and then blame them for it, unsurprisingly, nothing magically gets better.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on that on birdsite and all the boomers crying in her replies "You have iPhones and get coffee from starbucks! You're not poor!"'s really something. Something I wish I hadn't read probably.

@kelerak Yep, definitely an Allen.
"Why did you write this Millennial-bashing tired article, Allen?"
Allen, quoting Bill Murray, "Drugs cost money."

Dammed millennials squirreling money, refusing to play the monopoly! I build myself such a nice hotel on Boardwalk avenue and nobody wants to step on it.

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