"The works of William Gibson, games like Deus Ex were the building blocks that create the world of Neofeud... A dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced." --Hyper Light Up

2020 election, end of democracy 

Yes, I called the 2020 election and formal implosion of democracy, in-statement of outright neofeudalism from 2011, when I wrote Neofeud. Easy to see when you're an internally colonized homeless full-time teacher working for billionaires.

Feudalism is overt rule from a throne of gold and swords. Capitalism is shadow rule from a secret throne of stacked 100-dollar bills.
Neofeudalism is when capitalism can't maintain the veil, and 70% of America is drinks from poisoned wells, highways crumble. Mask falls off.

US Slavery, Colonialism, Democracy 

A 50-billionaire running for US president uses some 2.5 million enslaved black, brown and poor bodies in for-profit prisons to run his campaign. American Democracy never existed. Thanks to Buttigieg, some colonizer beneficiaries of the modern plantation are just starting to get it.


Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Canadian militarized police are illegally invading indigenous unceded territory escorting multi-billion dollar oil corporations onto their land. Modern day imperialism. canada, America, so-called democratic rule-of-law civilized countries are lawless barbarian genocidal slave-drivers.

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Canadian cops are moving in on 44 km in indigenous territory with guns out, escorting pipeline. Right now.

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

If you're in or can get to Canada and are white, and able to be arrested, the indigenous people and Earth need you now. It should not be 30 indigenous people going to jail for Earth, it should be thousands of priviledged white beneficiaries of colonialism. That's the only way this will be stopped. unistoten.camp/supportertoolki

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

If you talk, write think pieces about how you feel so bad about climate change, the crushing of POC, the history of genocide and colonialism, and you do nothing right now AS COLONIALISM HAPPENS IN YOUR SETTLER BACKYARD, typing on fossil-fueled powered keyboards with copper mined by fascist-slave driven indigenous backs, assembled in for-profit-prison AMERICAN SLAVERY, never open your fucking mouth again.

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Silver Spook emergency stream - Indigenous people being invaded RIGHT NOW in Canada

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Premiere of Canada calls for reconciliation with first nations people. Canadian police cut "reconciliation" in half at blockade.

Ongoing genocide against indigenous people in Canada to build a fossil fuel pipeline for capitalist profit.

11:07 am - Gates dismantled by RCMP. Confirmed 7 arrests.
Genocide ongoing.

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Offices Occupied & Ports, Freeways, And Railroads Shut Down Across Canada As RCMP Reaches Unist’ot’en Camp


Parasite & Neoliberalism, Cyberpunk Dystopian Reality Analysis, Indigenous Futures, + more!

Canada Shut Down, Wetsueten, Decolonization 

Ports from Vancouver to Toronto shut down. Rail shut down. Capitols, highways across the country blocked. 45000 teacher union, longshoreman union + in solidarity.

Times up, colonialism / capitalism.


Cololnialism, Canada Shut Down, Wetsueten 

The OFL, representing 52 unions & a million workers in Ontario, has come out in solidarity with .


Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

“This Is Insurrection”: Action “Cancels Trains Nationwide” As Acts Of Sabotage Continue

Streaming w/ DJ NDN of Tribe Called Red on Re-Indiginizing our culture and value systems in a post-colonial, post-capitalist world. Tomorrow 12:30 PM Pacific time!

Streaming w/ DJ NDN of Tribe Called Red on Re-Indiginizing our culture and value systems in a post-colonial, post-capitalist world!

Decolonization, Wetsueten, International 

"All of our supporters helped us achieve the major victory of evicting Coastal GasLink from our unceded lands. Now, in the face of increasing RCMP threats of violence and intimidation, we need you to KEEP GOING – continue showing up and shutting it down. The time is NOW to recognize indigenous sovereignty around the world!"

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Over 100 international blockades and other solidarity actions in support of the militarized police invasion of indigenous land for oil companies.

We all live in one planetary country called capitalism, and we'll need a planetary revolt to overthrow the system that will annihilate us all.

"Indigenous sovereignty supporters stage sit-in at KKR & Co. London in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation"


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

"Canada is three mining companies in a trench coat, wearing a stupid hat and carrying a gun."


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

BREAKING: Blockade in progress at the Venables and Clark CN rail.

Also, the environmental agency put the brakes on Coastal Gaslink due to a failed assessment -- after massive economic shutdowns across the country and terrorizing the indigenous people with militarized cops.

It's not over by a long shot, but this is a small win for the Wet'suet'en and supporters.

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Illegal invasion and arrests by Canadian police of Tyendinaga Mohawks on their unceded territory, in violation of international law. Ongoing warcrimes, colonization and militarized-police violence against indigenous people.


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

+7 new blockades have gone up after the Mohawk Raid

1. Caledonia highway
2. Hamilton rail lines
3. Ottawa in front of Parliament Hill
4. Sault Ste. Marie international bridge
5. Port of Vancouver
6. Rail line near New Hazelton, BC
7. Victoria legislature reblockaded

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Canadian militarized police dragging indigenous matriarchs, peaceful demonstrators off their own unceded land, in violation of international law, arresting media in blackout attempt. Ongoing colonial genocide of indigenous people for oil capitalism, right down the street from settler ski resorts and Starbucks.


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Settler governments are breaking international law, not Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, say 200 lawyers, legal scholars.


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

RCMP violently arrest clearly marked journalist / filmmaker Melissa Cox, at New Hazelton on unceded Gitxsan territory, in violation of international law and press freedom.


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Indigenous Rights Are Trudeau’s Last Priority
When pipeline protesters shut down Canada’s railways, the prime minister stopped pretending to care about reconciliation.


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Settlers be like:

Fuck Fascists, Colonialism, Wetsueten 

"Free speech" warriors missing in action as police restrict press freedom.

Armed RCMP officers told journalists what they could and could not photograph during raids on a series of Wet’suwet’en sites standing in the way of construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. If they didn’t comply, they faced arrest."


Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

"We are seeing many pre-emptive and presumptive news reports, erroneously confirming that we [Wetsueten] have come to an agreement with the RCMP and the state. Before talks had even begun, mainstream & right wing media was reporting an end to the discussion, seeking to quell dissent & silence support for our position."

The terms of the discussions have yet to be determined and agreed upon.

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett was asked if hereditary chiefs have a veto on future projects. She said:

"...Consent is not a veto. Consent is is actually being there at the table at the first idea of a project."

So basically Canada is saying to indigenous people, "You can say no, but we will force ourselves on you anyway."

This is still for-profit genocide, in violation of international law. Keep shutting Canada down.

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

Oil companies astroturfed Facebook ads that denounced indigenous blockades in resistance to illegal occupation and genocide.


"These groups, some of which position themselves as grassroots movements, have spent an estimated $110,000 since the start of the year on Facebook advertising — either to promote the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline at the heart of the protests or to oppose the rail blockades as illegal. "

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

BC Legislature injunction burned on the ceremonial fire on the front lawn.

“These colonial laws answer to profit, not to what is sacred and life-giving” - Ta’Kaiya Blaney, indigenous activist

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism 

Read this and share to help decolonizing minds.


"U.S. imperialism would rather that all Third-World people in their Empire remain totally blank and ignorant about themselves, their nations, their cultures, their pasts, about each other, about everything except going to work in the morning. But that day is over."

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

@silverspookgames And then people turn around and say to first nations people, "you have to get over it, it's in the past".


re: Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

@silverspookgames Capitalists getting kicked right in the profit margin by mass actions that are clearly associated with colonialist exploitation? You know you love to see it. :anarchy:

Canada, Colonialism, Militarized Police, Wetsuweten 

Fully man Fully! It's not at all a good situation for native canadians, jeez it never really has been... Hope younguys can stop it!

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 


report (the three dots next to the left arrow) @KarenBrier @Natali25

we have two runaway bots!

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

@silverspookgames As a lawyer, "consent is not a veto" is the SCARIEST fucking Orwellian bullshit I've heard in a while.

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

@lj_writes Right? What is consent without the ability to veto?

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if there is a blockade/action in
your metro/area please be
advised that sons of oden, proud
boys, etc are planning retaliation
attacks against indigenous folx
on Feb 29th. Please show up and
stand with water protectors.

e Vy

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