All the crying landlords out there not breaking their backs in Amazon factories for a can of tuna tonight: Housing is vastly overpriced in most places, particularly under capitalism. Housing is a human right, particularly during a pandemic. Banks are parasitic wealth siphoners.

"My only source of income is the tens of thousands of dollars a month I get for doing nothing. The bank will be mad at me!"

Unaffordable rents & hyper-overpriced mortgages blowing up is the point. Get out of the 3.2 trillion dollar fiat-currency-backed property pyramid scheme.

"General Electric Workers Walk Off the Job, Demand to Make Ventilators"

The broken billionaire-psychopath-run plutocracy of the US, dragging its feet on mass-mobilization of critical medical equipment that could save millions will put every dollar of profit over countless deaths. It's up to the workers to *force* companies like GE through strikes to make critical N-95s, etc. (And Amazon workers should continue to strike to force socialized goods distribution)

Rent Strike, Fuck Capitalism, General Strike 

Rent strike day! General strike on horizon.

"we appear to be on the verge of being forced into a general strike by the pandemic, but it quickly became clear that such a measure is a serious threat to the capitalist system."

Yes, fuck capitalism.

Fuck Capitalism, Strike Strike Strike 

Amazon, Whole Foods, McDonalds, Instacart, and many other strikes taking place as they're critical work goes underpaid, and is happening without necessary safety equipment amid corona. Go go go general strike!

Amazon, Strike, Covid-19 

Amazon worker Chris Smalls, fired after organizing walkout, called “not smart or articulate" in leaked Amazon Smear Campaign.

"Everybody's coming together in solidarity to take down these billionaires, collecting all this blood money in the pandemic... You stop working, they don't get money, period."

General Strike, Fuck Capitalism 

"Coronavirus Is a Labor Crisis, and a General Strike Might Be Next"

Covid-19, Imperialism, Fuck Capitalism 

US empire bombing medical facilities, cutting off medical supplies around the world causing mass-death in pandemic. Normal capitalist global-genocide behavior.

"Hidden acts of US foreign policy aggression under the cover of the COVID19 pandemic."

Covid-19, Fuck Capitalism, Mutual Aid 

Slaving away, endangering yourself and dying for the rich in capitalism's weaponized pandemic - a NYC delivery driver's account.

"My memories of being disrespected, degraded, and underpaid are not dispelled by a moment of flattery from the comfort of Manhattan’s luxury buildings. We deserve more than a little applause."

Covid-19, Fuck Capitalism, Vietnam 

Vietnam Puts Human Lives Before the Economy
USA 40,000 + deaths 760,000 cases
Vietnam 0 deaths, >300 cases

Fuck Capitalism, Rent Strike 

Landlord: "The governor has banned 14 day notices for eviction... So we're issuing you 10 day notices. Fuck yourself, be homeless in a pandemic."

Fuck Capitalism, General Strike, May Day 

-United Health Group celebrating $5 billion in profits from $40,000 covid hospitalizations as 65,000 die in US of covid, 30 million+ unemployed.
-Amazon made $76 billion, 26% surge, as workers are denied covid protection, forced back into corona-filled centers.
-10+ trillion dollar bailout for the richest people on Earth. less than 1% in 'stimulus'.
General strike, worker strike, rent strike, debt strike - or be liquidated for $$$

Covid-19, Fuck Capitalism 

When the Covid 19 treatments arrive, you won't have access, or will pay astronomical prices for the profits of Pfizer, Gilead, and other drug companies, which charge 20-30x for existing vaccines and treatments, with complicit plutocrat-owned governments..

Covid-19, Fuck Capitalism, Vietnam 

"Every time something good happens in Vietnam, it's because of capitalism. Everything something bad happens, it's because of communism."

--Capitalist countries with 1.5 million covid, 90,000 deaths vs 284 / 0 death socialist Vietnam.

OCR Output (chars: 2784) 

Image 1:
&@​ u/pizzaratpizzarat » 2h
PLEASE HELP. My tenants organized

and are saying they won't pay rent this
month. ALL OF THEM. What can I do?

Finance & Business

Someone please tell me this is going to be ok, I
have no idea what to do. I own an apartment
building in Houston with 32 units. This is my SOLE
source of income. Tenants have apparently been
talking to each other, and this morning they
delivered a letter signed by EVERY SINGLE UNIT
saying they will not be paying rent for April, and
will continue refusing to pay rent this until the
coronavirus is over and they can go back to work. am I supposed to do? I can't possibly
evict all of them at once, and especially right now
how am I even going to find new tenants if
everyone is out of work? Is this illegal? What do I
do, someone please give me advice I am seriously
freaking out over here.

Image 2:
pizzaratpizzarat % - 2h

No they don't want to pay it back. I asked them
this already. They say they aren't getting back
pay for time they've been forced to miss work,
so where is that money going to come from?

* 59

Image 3:
pizzaratpizzarat % + 1h

I just heard back from the tenant they
designated as the go-between. He says that
there are three people in the building who work
in construction, and that they don't need to pay
me for maintenance because the construction
workers who live there will take care of it for
free. I feel like I am stuck in Twilight Zone.


Image 4:
A) All of your tennants - literally all of them -
banded together. This means what you're facing
is arent strike, which means that your tennants
likely are working with, or at least getting
information from, a larger local/national
organization. The kind of organization that will
likely back people using their resources up while
also being knowledgeable enough about local law
to already be setting up a backup plan should you
try to evict/sue. This is great news for your
tennants, and terrible news for you.

B) Because of this, and I cannot stress this
enough, you don't have the power here. Or rather:
you have power here but there's a VERY good
chance using it will cause you vastly more harm
than a month of lost rent. I know it's not the
answer you're looking for, but agreeing to their
missing a month of rent is honestly going to be
the situation that has the smallest chance of
going catastrophically wrong. You do not want to
end up on the bad side of a court case or media
storm, and getting caught up in one will almost
certainly lead to getting caught up in the other.
You can contact whoever you pay for the property
to let them know you don't have that months
income, and you are likely in a much better place
to be able to miss a month than your tennants.

@silverspookgames Even IF he was only charging $500/mo per unit (which lmao this is 2020, no way) he's pulling in 16k PER MONTH. I work my ass off and make 1/4 of that, which is still a LOT more than many many people. Fuck this guy and his inability to manage a MINIMUM nearly 200k budget. Eat an entire mountain of dicks.

They probably bought so many properties that they got into unsustainable debt. Instead of using their income to finish paying the properties they bought, they kept buying more and more properties to earn more.

Guess what happens when suddenly they lost their income...

How's that financial insecurity feeling, chumps? Like the taste of your own medicine?

... if this goes on, soonee or later real estate is going to crash, and hard. Properties will lose their value because nobody will want to buy.

Which is exactly how it should be.


caps, drugs? 

@silverspookgames @wandrew

"this is great news for your tenants and terrible news for you"


@silverspookgames @wandrew also frfr this shows how terrified capitalists actually are of unions when the working class realise that they're being pitted against each other

@silverspookgames These are infinitely funnier if you imagine they're written by Basil Fawlty.

@silverspookgames everyone should work less so no-one(like the landlord) has to be a leech.

That's assuming things can't be done voluntarily entirely. (ok it assumes more things than that)

When the banks foreclose on Mum and Pop investors after the Lockdown, no one wins, not the tenants and not the landlords.

Landlords and tenants need to work together and come to a compromise. Better to get some rent rather than none.

@silverspookgames My favorite comment on this: "It's not too late to go to school or learn a trade."

@silverspookgames I'm suddenly glad we're not renting anymore! we purchased a home right before this all happened!!

@silverspookgames thank you!! ironically it was cheaper to buy than to keep paying at the rent rate we had. the area we were in has become popular to live in and taxes have gone way up.

@silverspookgames A rent strike where they did everything right and properly put pressure on the landlord

You Love To See It!

@witchfynder_finder @silverspookgames Yeah you can tell that they've done the organization and preparation--not only did they ALL band together, they presented a united front and a single line of communication through the go-between so the landlord can't play them off each other. They thought ahead of their needs (what about maintenance?), pooled resources (we have 3 construction workers), and made plans (they handle maintenance--if not, they could hire someone/get help). This is how it's done!

@lj_writes @witchfynder_finder @silverspookgames that post defs looks like someone (pizzaratpizzarat ??! lol) pulling the leg of the ppl on r/realestateinvesting -- which is not at all to say we shdnt be inspired by their, er, "example".

@lj_writes @witchfynder_finder @silverspookgames presumably the essential "strategic" starting point, though, will always lie in -- talking to one's neighbours. who woulda thought?

Fuck Capitalism, Rent Strike 

@silverspookgames solidarity

Fuck Capitalism, Rent Strike 

@silverspookgames Traducción libre: si tienes que pedir para comer te puedo dar la dirección del comedor social, pero el alquiler me lo pagas sí o sí o vas a la puta calle.

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