All the crying landlords out there not breaking their backs in Amazon factories for a can of tuna tonight: Housing is vastly overpriced in most places, particularly under capitalism. Housing is a human right, particularly during a pandemic. Banks are parasitic wealth siphoners.

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"My only source of income is the tens of thousands of dollars a month I get for doing nothing. The bank will be mad at me!"

Unaffordable rents & hyper-overpriced mortgages blowing up is the point. Get out of the 3.2 trillion dollar fiat-currency-backed property pyramid scheme.

@silverspookgames Even IF he was only charging $500/mo per unit (which lmao this is 2020, no way) he's pulling in 16k PER MONTH. I work my ass off and make 1/4 of that, which is still a LOT more than many many people. Fuck this guy and his inability to manage a MINIMUM nearly 200k budget. Eat an entire mountain of dicks.

They probably bought so many properties that they got into unsustainable debt. Instead of using their income to finish paying the properties they bought, they kept buying more and more properties to earn more.

Guess what happens when suddenly they lost their income...

How's that financial insecurity feeling, chumps? Like the taste of your own medicine?

... if this goes on, soonee or later real estate is going to crash, and hard. Properties will lose their value because nobody will want to buy.

Which is exactly how it should be.


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