If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

Neofeud 2 WIP - "Sentient Revolt on cyberPUNK street".
Neofeud is a cyberpunk adventure game about social, racial and economic inequality, police murder, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a broke-ass social worker/gamedev (me!)

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@silverspookgames Just finished Neofeud. Enjoyed it enough to leave a review on Steam. Nice work!

@silverspookgames i kept meaning to buy this and finally did so.
really looking forward to playing :blobuwu:

@silverspookgames Just bought it on Steam. Already had it on Itch, but it's worth buying twice

@silverspookgames I was actually looking for a promo to buy this one, but why does the steam version only support windows? As opposed to the itch version that supports all major 3 OS?

@BinaryUnit Sorry! Yeah ,I don't have the tech requirements to support Mac / Linux versions on Steam right now.

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