July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

Imagine a Native American community who had a Disneyland-like resort built over their villages and ancestor's graves, the people made to do bastardizations of their sacred dances, wear mock 'sexy feather headresses' and entertain the rich tourists for starvation wages, 12 hours a day 7 days a week, living sardine-packed 20-to-a-house. And then be arrested for speaking their own language. It'd be an outrage, right? But that is just everyday life, in US-colonized Hawaii

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

I'm Native Hawaiian and homeless in my own land. Literally don't know where my family and I will be living at the end of this month.

While American and other foreign billionaires own countless mansions and unoccupied multi-million dollar condos here.

Fuck colonialism and fuck capitalism.

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July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, refugees, mostly non-white kids in slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid, while living out of a van. 100% of sales go to putting a roof over my kids' head.


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Cops, Racism, US 

Assault-rifle mass-murdering racist white guys getting off easy while unarmed black people keep getting murdered with complicity of cops, corps, gov, business and much of the citizenry in your white supremecist capitalist hellhole country.

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