Reviews like this make the blood, sweat and tears working on this adventure game while being an underpaid social worker in the US ghetto worth it. And yeah, let's make cyberpunk PUNK again!

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Posted: Oct 11 @​ 7:07am

Holy 90s adventure revival, Batman. Neofeud is a non stop feast of deja vues of interesting but
arguably worse games from the 90s like Noctropolis, Harvester or I Have No Mouth and I Have
To Scream, done mainly by a (arguably very very intelligent) guy that is from Hawaii and works
as a robotics teacher in a probably difficult place - meaning, what you see in the game are
things that probably he has been living there. The best part though is how he mixes all the 90s
“cd rom multimedia” cyberpunk aesthetic and how he runs with it all along. And the game is
very well written, very fair (for the moment at least) and has atmosphere in spades.

Maybe if the references are nothing to you, you will not be able to enjoy it. But that's part of it.
Neofeud is a game about empathy, about humanity, about fighting the oppressor, which is
what Cyberpunk was about until it was washed out to be the bland neon aesthetic of today. I
love it, I love the author, and I hope to see many things from him.

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