As a Native Hawaiian, this really saddens me to see a Hawaiian man arrested for speaking our native language in Hawaii. But I am not surprised; this is par for the colonized course.

@silverspookgames I guess many other countries or states have pulled their native language back from the brink of extinction.

Reinstating that language as a second official language and the teaching of it in schools seem to be critical for that.

Is there any momentum for that on Hawaii?

@StuC It was literally illegal to speak Hawaiian in Hawaii till about 40 years ago, but there has been a cultural revival. My sister teaches at a Hawaiian Immersion school (they teach and speak in Hawaiian there), and my uncle is a Hawaiian language professor on Oahu, actually.
To make things worse, Hawaiian is actually the state language, and the judge who had this man arrested for speaking our native tongue really had no legal standing, apart from it being appalling.

@silverspookgames please excuse my ignorance on the matter. But, now I know a little more.

I trust the warrant was revoked?

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