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Silver Spook Games @silverspookgames

Part 1 of my cyberpunk analysis of 3 episodes in. Verdict; more than zero crying Rutger Hauers out of 5. And more disturbing than a Tessier-Ashpool / Tyrell leveraged buyout.

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@silverspookgames I really wanted to like Altered Carbon, but the first episode left a bad taste. i may give one more episode a go.

@Andy_P Altered Carbon does get better over the course of the series. I'd give it another shot!

@Andy_P If you mean the female nudity and violence, there is a lot of that throughout. The female showrunner Laeta Kalogridis has responded to some of that criticism here:

@Andy_P "[Altered Carbon the book] contains within it a scathing condemnation of the way that women are treated in a dystopic future, and it was very much addressing the terrifying concept that we would move forward with this incredible technology." I'd agree with Kalogridis on this point.