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Silver Spook Games

Had a great and fascinating chat with @sophia a lead designer of Localhost, a game where your job is to convince AI to let themselves be deleted. Check out the podcast here:

Neofeud is nominated for Best Game, Best Writing, Best Character, Best Music and Sound, Best Background/Character Art, and a few other categories in the AGS 2017 Awards! Thanks everyone who voted!

While Altered Carbon is resleeved in the glitzy robes of Netflix' 190-country spanning 120-million-user imperial protectorate, it manages to lay bare the mutilated corpses, the human fallout of world- assymetrical- and class-warfare.

Part 1 of my cyberpunk analysis of 3 episodes in. Verdict; more than zero crying Rutger Hauers out of 5. And more disturbing than a Tessier-Ashpool / Tyrell leveraged buyout.

"The works of William Gibson, games like Deus Ex were the building blocks that create the world of Neofeud... A dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced." --Hyper Light Up

I interviewed James Spanos, game designer on Primordia, Until I Have You, Cat Lady, and more! James is one of the most diehard cyberpunks I've ever met.

"Neofeud is a traditional point and click adventure, with a unique art style and a dystopian cyberpunk setting, which attempts to critique a range of social issues.. impressively ambitious for a single developer"

"Neofeud is a largely story-focused, puzzle-light, traditional point and click adventure, with a unique art style, plenty of dialogue, and a dystopian cyberpunk setting, which attempts to critique a range of social issues. I found it entertaining, impressively ambitious for a single developer (artist / musician / programmer / voice actor ... )"

In this podcast I talk with Sick Chicken Studios about "Guard Duty" a point-and-click adventure through space and time, spanning a medieval town and a dystopian sci-fi future!

I'll be interviewing the adventure game master himself, Dave Gilbert of @wadjeteyegames on the next Silver Spook Podcast! I love every Wadjet Eye Game I've played, so def check them out (I will be replaying some Blackwell Series today!)

Neofeud, a cyberpunk adventure and one of the Top 100 indie games of 2017 on IndieDB is now available on the Mac! (And Linux, DRM-free!)

In this podcast I talk to @GrundislavGames creator of Shardlight, A Golden Wake, and Ben Jordan about his upcoming detective game, Lamplight City!

"A diamond of storytelling in the scrap pile... A disturbing yet strangely familiar dystopian society in which social inequality is systemic, the top one percent have their own one percent, and the birth of A.I has resulted in a massive population of unemployed sentient robots."

I'd like to thank William Gibson on for giving this weird Hawaiian guy a way to name his own dystopia, and a virtual country to be from, in which to find cyber-comraderie on the WGB, a wife, and a cyberpunk creator calling. Mahalo, sir.
(Picture is from a William Gibson Board meetup, a decade ago)