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Silver Spook Games

My new-wave album, "Neon Ocean".
Dredged from the eldritch abyss of Myspace, buried in obsolete legacy code, fuschia-on-green poetry, goth-selfies, and long forgotten shitty passwords.

I went alarmingly deep in my goth phase, lol. Made a bunch of New Wave-ish music that is now lost in some defunct, bit-rotten MySpace server. 😂

Going to be livestreaming tomorrow 12 PM Pacific Time, talking about my William Gibson interview, our current status being near the active volcano, and my plan to get Keanu Reeves on the podcast next. 😀😂

Thanks also to everyone who picked up Neofeud including @seanl and @DenubisX! This one-guy dev really appreciates it!

William Gibson on the Silver Spook Podcast!

An illuminating deep-dive into "cyberpunk" and the atemporal torch-passing of subversive sci-fi mindfuckery from British New Wave to CP to Black Mirror and Ned Beauman.

My interview with William Gibson, edit-in-progress! Cyberpunk as co-optable movement vs subversive tendency, misfit matchmaking, Neofeud, Ray Bradbury in sleeveless jean jackets and more, from the master himself.

"Millenial mental health crisis?" Yes, being paid 1 cent a word for articles or coding fake-traffic algos for VC pump-n-dumps whilst ubering to your barrista trad-gig that's losing hours - bad for self-worth & mental health. Juggling three shit jobs and still having to live in dad's closet cause a one-bedroom is 70% of your salary, and listening to "the avocado toast lecture" nightly does one's fucking head in.

Depression and madness is a normal response to being deeply fucked.


In celebration of my William Gibson interview, Neofeud, my dystopian sci-fi visual novel is on sale on Steam!
Or if you prefer hallucinating to marks etched on paper / electrons, my Neofeud Short Story Collection is also up here:

The William Gibson podcast will be coming in the near future, once I get to my good machine. Will toot the actual podcast when it's out.

I just interviewed William Gibson in Vancouver. The future may be unevenly distributed, but Neuromancer's author has fenced some atemporal cyberpunk-continuum to Silver Spook. (Still mindfucked that he agreed tbh)

Also, I believe I may have the only recording of Gibson saying, "Mother fucker", and with full 70's-Ramones-punk attitude, also.

You can find the silver spook podcasts here:
or here:

Neofeud Anthology up on Itch!
The Six Billion Dollar Baller's jailbreak from the Humanoid Machine prison, a lowly neofeudal peasant-girl goes from Cinderella rags to Kardashian riches at a transplanetary cosplay convention. Cyberpunk sci-fi stories by yours truly, set in the world of Neofeud.

The volcanic eruption near our home is continuing, we had a fairly large earthquake, but we are ok.

On the plus side, lava zones prevent real estate speculation. No giant empty towers, no exorbitant apartment prices. Your house may burn down, but it is just a house -- not a capitalistic investment vehicle to prop up a broken, extractive, neofeudal economy. It's a trade off.

As we native Hawaiians say, "You learn to respect and live with Madame Pele (volcano goddess), or you won't last long."

"Neofeud is an excellent game, and an impressive achievement for a one-man game studio... an intelligent and provocative adventure." --3rd Strike

May Motherfucking Day. Support your local strike, quit your corporate job that's eating your soul and lives of thousands of vulnerable people, work for yourself, co-op-ify, compensate your people fairly, bring people to Mastodon. When they come to break your wrists, ban you from the internet, threaten your future your career, your family, just remember there will be no future for anyone soon.

Neofeudal capitalism has had its day.Tear it down. Tear it all down

Don't know this is, but pretty cool that Ukranian cyberpunks would consider using Neofeud screenshots as a banner.

Neofeud 2, Cyberpunk, Noughties Blade Trenchcoat and Kate Beckinsale PVC catsuit style tips.

“Neofeud is an ambitious, atmospheric cyberpunk scenario... in the vein of Gibson, Dick, and Stephenson."

"My Pony Princess: Neofeudalism is Magic", the spin-off Googlezonflix Original series. A Real(tm) News / memetainment program for kids, certified factual by the Transplanetary Truth Commission!

Keep your kids entertained while learning valuable lessons like, "Respect your billionaires, or end up in the gulag!" and "Homeless people are food, not friends."

Neofeud 2: Sentient Revolt - ft. Fully Automated Queer Transhuman Cyberpunk Communism. Album drops July 5th, 2049. Get ready yo.

-50+ million Americans still with toxic drinking water, sewers overflowing everywhere, as infrastructure falls apart
-Schools, education, non-manipulated information itself collapsing as disinfo multiplies
-Private police outnumber public, militarization of law enforcement
-Healthcare costs $30,000+ for family of 4 (deductible included) despite plummeting health

Neofeud was not joking, sadly.