Work-in-progress painting character for Neofeud 2. Some kind of Art Deco retrofuturism happening here!

The 90's-style cyberpunk immersive sim in progress! Added the Deus Ex-style inventory system and working like crazy on quest and dialog right now!
We now have a Discord for Terminus Cyberstar here:

My cyberpunk adventure game's on sale for 2 more days!
I'm one-person indie business so this is food/bills money, much appreciated!

I interviewed James Dearden maker of award-winning cyberpunk adventure game Technobabylon on its exciting sequel, how to make cyberpunk PUNK again, and fun encounters with Warren Spector and Richard K. Morgan :D

Doing a Christmas stream for everyone living in the cyberpunk dystopian present sick of relatives and/or alienation from everyone and everything!

Under capitalism, 99% of the games with the best writing, art, game design with any relevance and meaning or value whatsoever will never be made. Those that are made, a handful of people will play then the devs will go broke and become gig-economy paupers, social media shills, paint corporate logos, or program wall street fraud algos or military drone AIs. And hate themselves for it.

Doing a Christmas stream for everyone who wants to escape the turkey and trying relatives- or has no food or relatives to escape. Tomorrow 12:30 PST.

My game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of capitalist billionaire CEO-Kings is cheap rn! :)
"The art and writing are stellar. Its a great cyberpunk adventure."
I'm one-person indie business so this is food/bills money, much appreciated!

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Some art from may cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2! Neofeud 1 is on sale on Itch if you want to help me pay some bills. :)

Rants about the lack of 'punk' in so-called modern cyberpunk games, lack of maturity generally in so-called 'mature' video games, plus Terminus Cyberstar updates and sci-fi short story reading!

Screenshot from Terminus Cyberstar, the Deus Ex 1-style cyberpunk game I'm leading! Got the new neon installed :)

Here's an illustration I made of the White House before the 12 Monkeys erased the evidence of their space-time continuum editing.

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