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US Pol, Cops, Fascism 

Racist US and its police have been disappearing POC for decades, including 7,000 to black-site torture facility in Chicago in noughties/teens. Portland is the same old, but with white people.

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Trans rights are human rights.
All Cops are Bastards.
Be Gay Do Crime.
The true Linux mascot is the Trans Fox-Girl.


they're going to have the f-35 shoot the covid down, preventing it from spreading

Hundreds of cases by LAPD being opened to review after three officers found to have lied and framed suspects. Also LAPD is apparently banned from uploading to the Gang database (already something that should be banned) because they couldn't even justify their uploads

The US has always been fascist against people of color - welcome, fair Portlanders - SSLive 205

20 million evictions, covid cases 24x higher than reported, billionaires take all stocks, real estate, and assets private -- Neofeudalism or Socialism! Cyberpunk Dystopia Update - Silver Spook Live

$6000 Remdesevir, Record Bank Profits as 140k die, Cyberpunk Dystopia Hellscape Update - SSLive #204

Portland, US Pol 

The US Empire becoming full gloves-off fascist regime like its coup'ed colonies in Bolivia, the Middle East, Africa, etc..

"federal force, wearing camouflage with bold "POLICE" lettering on the front—but no badges or other identification—were "driving around the area in unmarked minivans grabbing people off the street."

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20+ million evictions coming, 67,000 record covid cases, kids & teachers forced into corona factories + more cyberpunk dystopia 2020 on Silver Spook Live!

From birdsite 


Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many other high profile Twitter accounts seem to have been breached. The tweets look like they're sent from Twitter's website, rather than a third-party app. People are even falling for the BTC scam


Colonialism, Bolivia, Elon Musk 

"Evo Morales was overthrown so that Elon Musk could loot Bolivia’s lithium, and they aren't even hiding it anymore."
Nationalized lithium plant in Bolivia was closed by US-backed fascist coup government. Añez's VP candidate has now invited Elon Musk to produce batteries there.

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