Well, RIP Tumblr (who, if you haven't heard, announced that in mere weeks it will ban NSFW content).

I don't really have a dog in this fight as I stopped using the platform years ago. Not only was the UI crappy, but they also kept trying to shut down the browser extensions that improved the interface. (Unlike, e.g., Reddit and the popular extension RES.)

and to my critics on Council I would say, I was elected mayor of Omelas with the promise to keep property taxes at or below the rate of inflation, and moreover I have fully supported the Get That Kid Out of the Basement strategy, but it is simply not fair to place the entire burden of rescuing this child, a situation which I have repeatedly asked the Province to address, upon the taxpayers of this city, and I take exception to the insinuation that $7 of funding is an empty gesture

Our local freeman-on-the-land (aka sovereign citizen) "frequent flyer" deputant: "I don't know if anyone has brought up international law, because it actually might be relevant to this item…"

@shelleycarroll@twitter.com: "Nope, we were saving it for you, Derek!"

It's the little things.

#TObudget #TOcouncil #TOpoli #toronto

Histories of languages:

French: Some germans started speaking latin, then later the ones living in paris decided that all the other ones in france should speak the same kind of latin

Spanish: Someone tried speaking italian and arabic at the same time

Italian: Some fucking weirdo decided that the whole country should speak a dialect based on poetry from the 13th century

English: When some different germans got beat up by the germans from earlier and learned some latin words

My wife is cursed. Any computer she uses immediately stops working

light Thor: Ragnarok spoilers 

Theory about Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok:

Given you wouldn’t even know she loved a woman unless you were *looking* for the scene in question and were supposing her alcohol use was due to having lost her lover, and

Given she shows no signs of being attracted to any other gender, and

Given we only know she is bi because the actress playing her told us so,

She’s clearly invisible and thus one of us. :bisexual_flag:

Setting up a new router is always anxiety inducing

corporate nonsense 

Often for reasons as banal as Senior Manager Bob on the 17th floor having two success measurements which are mutually exclusive, each assigned by slightly more Senior Management

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corporate nonsense 

The image in popular culture of the lock-step company is wrong. But the reality is much more difficult. Because responsibility and the construction of what success looks like is so scattered that even a corporation with good intentions will have a ton of shady crap going on.

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corporate nonsense 

What I have learned after a quarter working in a major corporation: corporations are more like huge arguments than monoliths

CW Superhero bullshit 

Legends of Tomorrow is damn near unwatchable most days.

And Super Girl is fine. I guess. But it's chasing the serious drama fix and losing the humour and levity it had in S1 wasn't a good choice.

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CW Superhero bullshit 

Related: it almost made me sad how amusing the first two cross-over episodes were. Because, like, we've had 7 episodes on four shows already this season and not a one was anywhere near as much fun.

Arrow, at this point, is effectively pointless except that it was the first show.

The Flash is spinning its wheels in idiotland to build up their super genius villain.

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