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(I need a good "amazed and delighted" emoji, but all the surprised ones seem negative.)

Microsoft's VS App Center SDK is


Seriously? I can see the code you're going to inject into my project? I can build it myself? I can stick a debugger on it if things go wrong?

What is this source-ry? Who does that?

It even has a Code of Conduct?!?!

Thank you, Microsoft.

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BREAKING: There is *actually* a new iOS update now! Installing... 🤞

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I'm launching a monthly newsletter! 😀📬🎉

On the 1st of every month, you'll get a recap of all my blog posts, podcast episodes, Swift tips & tricks, previews of new projects, as well as my favorite content from around the community! 🚀

Sign up here:

So my first "Toot" here - let the fun & games begin!


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