little Mastodon feature found while surfing after debugging with Mod Headers enabled - request a page with `Accepts: application/json` and it returns a JSON response. Always a fan of this type of API design.

I know the answer is "the algorithm", but why are modern YouTube videos so long?

I dare say that I'm not really in the target demographic for most of the content, but it feels like such an inefficient way to habitually consume information.

Has anyone got working with Mastodon & WordPress?
I'm using Bridgy and I can see it sending mentions, but they never seem to appear on my moderation page.

One Cut of the Dead is looking like a late contender for the highly coveted favourite-film-I’ve-seen-this-year.

Busy weekend ahoy - Anfield tonight, to watch the mighty return to the premier league. Marple Beer Run tomorrow, to run as fast as I can without vomiting.

I rarely get more offended than when "Angela from LinkedIn Premium" describes me as an "active member".

21st century masochism - sleepless night, so pass the night reading book on how important sleep is to my health.

I mean, I map my craps lock to escape because the new MBPs suck, but I guess it’s good to have a fallback.

Went out of my way to watch the latest episode of Brexit tonight, no one bothered to tell me it was a bloody repeat.

OK, now I'm just mumbling to myself like a div, but looks nice. Might try that.

and thinking about it, two things are obviously missing from everything open and indieweb out there atm - tags and the focusing/surfacing of creative commons content.

A real thrill I had early on in the mid/late 2000s was uploading some relatively inane image, say a cute donkey, only to vanity search my name later on and discover it used in some random local US newspaper.

upon further digging, I've registered for the pixelfed beta instance. Very much not for me. Too streamy, no real organisation (I'd love tags, but albums would be fine), privacy options too simple - very much attracting the instagram rather than me. Might hack together a piwiki server in the interim. Much rather that than give it all over to yet another cloud company.

Anyone / their own photos? I have 4gb downloaded from flickr and not really sure what to do with them. The two leading choices seem to be (I like that it's extensible, but feels pretty heavyweight/wordpressy, no ) and (looks modern, but a bit too instagrammy, and relatively "young").

Would love to hear others' experiences. (excuse the tagspam, throwing stuff at a wall here :D)

📹 The new Making Future Interfaces video is here! This time: Inline SVG

✅How to hand code it
✅Accessible charts
✅JavaScript and generative art

To quote: "The only requirement for components placed inside a Link is they should accept an `onClick` prop."


Been following the next.js walkthrough and I think I'm out before I've finished learning how to navigate between pages.

It's an isomorphic framework, and magically "just works", but it just doesn't give a shit about "the web" or "people".

The reddest flag was where they suggest changing an a-tag in the Link component to a button and marvel how it still functions. Which is sweet and all, but why aren't we telling devs not to do that? Ever?

As a responsible dad, I obviously do "pull my finger" with my 3 year old.

As an irresponsible dad, I also make him say "excuse me" because he instigated the fart.

If I die imminently, it’s because I just discovered that cake dipped in uncooked cake batter tastes glorious. I want it to be known that I regret nothing.

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