Please tell me it's possible to become a better coder by looking at really shit code.

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Is it possible to become a better coder by looking at really shit code?

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politics, ableist slur 

Them: "Uneducated voters are a danger to democracy."

Also them: "Too much democracy is bad because people are stupid."

Me: "Maybe the only way to have a functional democracy is ensuring people have the time and opportunity to become educated about the issues. Maybe democracy is about more than just voting every few years. Maybe democracy requires a strong civil society and we haven't had a functional democracy in decades, if we ever did."

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heyyyy we're [@goodgoodwork is] looking for another developer! interested in co-ops? interested in getting involved with co-ops? check us out 😎

I suspect that the way Inupiat whale hunters use VHF radio to communicate is actually the best form of social network.

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@baldur I suspect it's a 501c3, rather than a 501c4 (or whatever the last numbers are). Basically whether GitHub can detect the hosting from their taxes.

Suddenly Mastodon is a bunch of libertarian socialists with 🌹 s

One of the things that we've already got an author for is how the isn't really a .

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Instead of getting into arguments with strangers online, I've been trying to funnel my thoughts into things that are a bit more productive.

I guess I'm now organizing a about the left in .

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@linux The DM is usually not an actual character in a story but plays multiple characters to further the story along.

(but seriously, I was talking about direct messaging, in case that wasn't obvious) Is it actually private though? Does it still have the privacy issues that Mastodon used to have?

@baldur What do you think of their recent "you can pay for articles now because we're fighting bad news" "pivot" (I guess?). It won't make a difference ultimately?

@baldur Medium has definitely not been the death of blogs, but it has made it a lot easier for some people to get set up with a blog without setting up an entire website. I wonder how many move on later.

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